Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Newsletter 42 – Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Combined Wreath
Poinsettia Painting Workshops

Sunday, December 1
Ongoing throughout the day between 9am and 3pm

A poinsettia with blue-painted leaves, and there are red, yellow and lime-green painted ones in the background
Our Poinsettias need your help! They can’t paint themselves!
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Custom decorate a fresh wreath or paint a poinsettia at this workshop.  Better yet…do both!  Wreaths are available in several sizes and are freshly made. You can select from an assortment of decorations to create your own individually decorated wreath. Pricing is the cost of the wreath plus the cost of the individual picks, swags and bows that you select.

Poinsettia painting is an opportunity to color (paint) a creamy white poinsettia with a custom color. We will have several custom colors available that you will spray onto the poinsettia to create your own decorator color. It is best to bring along an old LONG SLEEVED shirt or smock to wear while painting.

Don’t panic if you weren’t able to make it to our Holiday Porch Pot workshop this past weekend…there is still time!  Just come out this Sunday during our Wreath and Poinsettia workshop or anytime during the week between 10am-3 pm. 

You may pre-register for our workshop events by sending Marty an email at abfrobbins@yahoo.com or call us at 608-222-2269.  All of our workshops are ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3, so there is no need to sign up for a particular time slot, just the date. 

We want to have plenty of supplies for you to create your masterpieces, so pre-registration is appreciated, though not required. Walk-ins are always welcome.

If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
Their age!

Combined Holiday Centerpiece
Poinsettia Painting Workshops

Sunday, December 8th
Ongoing throughout the day between 9 and 3

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table!  Start by adding fresh greens to florist’s foam to create your base.  Choose from an assortment of picks for a seasonal accent.  For that classic look simply add a candle.

Two pilgrims go out hunting. One has two blunderbusses (guns).
The second pilgrim asks, “Why do you have two blunderbusses?”
The first pilgrim explains, “I usually miss the first time I shoot. By taking two I can shoot again”. The second pilgrim thinks for a while and then says, “Why not just take the second one, and only shoot once?”

Words of appreciation from Marty!

Thank you to all the talented and fun people that joined us this past weekend for our Holiday Porch Pot workshop. It was a big success because of YOU! 

~ Marty

Custom made Holiday Porch Pots!

America’s Best Flowers would be happy to custom make your Holiday Porch Pots.  To order please stop in and talk to Marty, or email him at abfrobbins@yahoo.com, or call us at 608-222-2269.

Teacher: "Why do we have a Thanksgiving holiday?"
Student: "So we know when to start Christmas shopping!"

Fresh and Natural Holiday Decorating Items

Look at all the fresh holiday decorating items we have for this season:

  • Bundled greens,
  • Swags,
  • Roping,
  • Wreaths,
  • Holly bouquets,
  • Cyclamens, and
  • Bundled birch logs and branches

Other Holiday Decorating Items

A whole lot of stems and other pieces used for making porch pots
Just some of the items we have available for decorating!
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We even have a selection of forever-lasting items such as artificial table centerpieces, decorated wreaths and gorgeous artificial bows!

Red and White Poinsettias!

Red and White Poinsettias!
And of course, you can paint them whatever color you want!
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We realize it can be very difficult to choose between a beautiful red poinsettia and a beautiful white poinsettia.  What a dilemma!  Hmmm, we think we may have the perfect solution for you.  Why not decorate with both colors!  You knew that was coming, didn’t you?

Stop in and pick up several for the coming holiday season.  By the way, poinsettia plants make great host and/or hostess gifts!

Holiday ‘Grab and Go Porch Pots’

A ready-made porch pot
Ready for showtime!
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Stop by and grab and go with one of our ‘Grab and Go Decorated Porch Pots’! What a nice way to greet guests even before they cross your threshold.  Fresh greens combined with artificial poinsettias will stand the test of holiday time.

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees!

Our display of christmas trees
Fresh Christmas Trees
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Our beautiful Frazier balsam mix trees have arrived. We’ll fresh cut the trunk for you and help you load them into or on top of your vehicle.  If you live within 5 miles of our Cottage Grove location we’d be happy to deliver them to your home.  A $10.00 delivery fee would apply for that service.

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected it of fowl play!

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

An America's Best Flowers gift card, featuring a monarch butterfly
Their garden will thank you!
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America’s Best Flowers gift cards are not only the perfect holiday gift for that favorite gardener in your life, but they make a great gift for your child’s teacher or a fellow co-worker.  Holidays and entertaining go together!  Rather than giving the customary bottle of wine to your host and hostess why not give an America’s Best Flowers gift card? 

We would be happy to take your gift card orders over the phone and mail the cards for you with a personal message for the recipient.

Lucy’s Story – Chapter 33

Lucy the dog, lying on a rug
"I think I’ll just take a nap and forget all this sillyness."
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Hey, everyone, my mom and I are real excited!  We are going to share in the telling of ‘Lucy’s Story’.  It’s going to be so much fun working with my mom.   

But, I didn’t want to leave my dad out of the loop, you know what I mean?  So, I talked to my mom about including him in this somehow and this is what I came up with. 

Each week we will both write an article.  Then we will show it to my dad and he can decide which one deserves to be in ‘Lucy’s Story’.  

It looked like my mom was going to burst into laughter when I told her, (moms can act weird sometimes) then said she thought it was a great idea and that she couldn’t wait for me to tell my dad.

Well, when I told my dad our plan he started to slowly move toward the back door, shaking his head and saying ‘Nope!  There is no way, no way, no way on this green earth that I’m going to make that decision.’  Then he actually ran out the back door the whole time muttering ‘no way, no way’. 

Gosh, what’s all that about?  My mom stood there laughing her head off.  What is so funny? 

Sometimes they make me scratch my head!

`til next time,
    ~ Lucy

Upcoming Events

Sun, Dec 1
Wreath Workshop / Paint A Poinsettia Workshop

9am – 3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated (Not Required). You can make porch pots too, if you want!

Sun, Dec 8
Holiday Centerpiece Workshop / Paint A Poinsettia Workshop

9am – 3pm – Pre-Registration Appreciated (Not Required)

Our Kitchen

This past weekend, Jenifer brought in some scones that she shared with everyone at our porchpot workshop. We had a lot of people ask for the recipe, so here it is!

Basic Scone Recipe

By Jenifer Kalscheur

  • 2 cups Flour
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 cup Butter
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 3 Tbsp Honey
  • 1/3 cup buttermilk
  • 1 tsp Almond Extract

Preheat oven to 375°. Combine flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Cut in the butter until mixture is crumbly. In a separate bowl, mix the egg yolk, honey, buttermilk and almond extract. Add to the dry ingredients until just combined.

Form a dough ball on a floured surface and roll or pat to a 1/2 inch thickness and an 8 inch diameter. Cut into 8 equally-sized triangles. Transfer to a greased baking sheet and bake for 11 to 13 minutes.

After you have the dough all mixed you can use it as is or add in your favorite ingredients, such as chocolate chips, dried cranberries, nuts or just put on a simple glaze after they bake. The possibilities are endless!

* For reference, there were two varieties at the workshop, one of them had two tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon, and the other had about a half cup of chocolate chips.

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