Happy Labor Day

Newsletter 26 – Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You’ll love your garden … It’s our promise!

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

One of our gorgeous Summer Annual Containers, on sale at 25% off!
One of our gorgeous Summer Annual Containers, on sale at 25% off!
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Are you planning a get together to celebrate?  Good for you!  Would you like to brighten up your yard, deck or patio before the weekend?  Come on out and grab a few hanging baskets or pre-made summer mixed flower containers to dress up those empty deck steps.  And if you want big, we have big; 8-foot tall pre-made summer mixed annual containers that will knock your sandals off!  Place these beauties around the deck, patio or pool then sit back and enjoy your guests!

Raspberry, Grape and Blueberry…oh, my!

Jam, jelly, preserves and pie are in your future!  Yum, sounds delicious doesn’t it?  We have healthy and strong raspberry, grape and blueberry plants to get you started.  Remember, many of you have a 3-day weekend coming up, why not get your fruit garden in the ground on Saturday and relax on Sunday and Monday? 

Did you miss our Autumn Container Workshop?

Don’t panic, there is still time to bring in your container from home or buy one of ours.  Come in anytime and we’ll help you create your very own fall flower container.  You choose your flowers, we provide free potting soil and you plant your flower container right here and we clean up the mess.  If you need any assistance or advice we’ll provide that too!

I always look forward to Labor Day because that’s usually when the pools close.
And it’ll be nice to see the kids again without pink eyes and wet hair.

Art in the Garden

Local Artisans featured
Saturday, September 15, 9am – 3pm

Get your holiday shopping list ready!  Our 3rd Annual Art in the Garden event is right around the greenhouse corner. 

Over 30 talented Wisconsin artists will be at our greenhouse displaying their unique one-of-a-kind creations.  For many of the artist it will be their third year at our annual event.  Did something catch your eye last year and you passed it up and then wanted to kick yourself once you got home?  Well, it’s very possible you’ll get that chance to take it home with you this year.  

Some of the items available include: jewelry, paintings, weavings, stone carving, pottery, woodworking, textiles, photography and much more!

Our traveling minstrel for the event is Rich Baumann, a talented local singer, songwriter and musician.   You’ll enjoy listening to Rich sing (he has a great voice) and play his guitar. 

And please, come hungry.  Boy Scout Troop 210, from Cottage Grove, will be here for the day serving breakfast, lunch and all kinds of snacks to raise funds for their troop. 

While you’re here take a leisurely walk through our greenhouse and enjoy the beauty of America’s Best Flowers.  

Remember to mark your calendar for our 3rd Annual Art in the Garden event on Saturday, September 15, from 9-3. 

Just a reminder – if you would like to display your work, please let us know.  We are accepting registrations for this free event through September 3.  Please email Marty Robbins at abfrobbins@yahoo.com and he’ll get back to you right away.

The Joy of Fall Gardening

From now until September 15 is a great time to plant cool season vegetable crops.  Fall gardens are easy to grow, and it’s a delightful time to work in the garden – there are fewer bugs and it’s not too hot.  To get you started we have cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and swiss chard plants and seeds of radish, lettuce, mesclun mix and spinach.  Because they mature in progressively cooler temperatures, fall crops have a wonderful flavor. 

‘Hey Melissa’…’What Doug?’

Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set Bella Butterfly Kid's Gardening Gloves Bella Butterfly Bug House Tootle Turtle Kid's Gardening Tote Set Bella Butterfly Net

Did you know we’re on sale at America’s Best Flowers?  Yep, all Melissa and Doug products are 30% off.  We have the Tootle Tote and Blossom Bright Tote sets.  These sets come with the tote bag, a garden trowel, a shovel and a spray bottle. And what fun the kids will have with a Butterfly Bug House or a Happy Giddy Net.  It’s a great time to introduce your young ‘uns to the joy of fall gardening. 

We also have the cutest novelty watering cans!  How about a pink pig, orange fish, green frog or a yellow duck novelty watering can?  Think of all the cute pictures you can take of your kiddo watering just about anything and everything with these adorable watering cans.

More lawn information from Donna at Heritage Seeds

The best time of year to renovate or overseed your lawn is late summer and early fall.  Why? 

Three reasons:

  1. Soils are warm compared to spring and hastens germination
  2. Less competition from broadleaf weeds since most near the end of their growth cycle
  3. It is easier to maintain soil moisture since summer heat and drought are past
  4. Shady areas are more open since trees have begun to lose their leaves

America’s Best Flowers has Capital City Parks Grass Seed which is a top performer.  It is a premium mix of Bluegrass, creeping Red Fescue and turf-type perennial Ryegrass.  It thrives in full sun to light shade.  It is available at America’s Best Flowers in 5 lb. and 20 lb. bags.

Also available is Woodland Shade which is formulated for light to dense shady lawns.  This grass seed mix has Fescue and perennial Ryegrass and is available in 20 lb. bags.

Our Heritage Grass Seed is ready to go…and grow! 


America’s Best Flowers wants you to succeed, so if you have gardening questions send an email to our Operations Manager, Al Lunde, at abflunde@yahoo.com. Al will get back to you promptly. We want to be your go-to-greenhouse for answers.

Gee, here it is Labor Day again, and you know what that means.
It’s back to work for department store Santa Clauses.


This is a long, but informative newsletter, and I’m all tuckered out!

`til next week,
    ~ Shirley

Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 8 – Sun, Sep 16
The Last Dollar Days

Come in and use your orange dollars. This is the last chance to use them before they expire for good.

Sat, Sep 15
Art and Craft Fair

9am – 3pm

Sat, Sep 22 – Sun, Sep 30
Autumn Sale
Sat, Sep 22 – Sat, Oct 13
Scarecrow Days

10am – 5pm Seven days a week. Come in and make your own one-of-a-kind scarecrow!

Sat, Oct 6 – Sun, Oct 7
Universal Saw & Tool Sharpening

10am – 4pm Sharpen your tools for fall or spring yard work.

Sat, Nov 17 – Sun, Nov 18
Porch Pot & Wreath Workshop

9am – 3pm Pre-registration required

Our Kitchen

By Bev Wilson

Family reunion time is always a lot of fun.  A couple of weeks ago Jim and I, plus his entire extended family, descended on his daughter’s home for three days of fun in the sun.  To keep food as easy as possible for 22 people for 9 meals  – I prefer not to think about the math – we had decided ahead of time that each family would be responsible for a meal – shopping, hauling, cooking and clean up.  It worked really well.  Breakfast the second morning was not only good, but tons of fun.  All of the chopping can be done ahead, so this is truly a ‘labor-less’ way to feed a crowd.  Similar recipes for omelets in a bag are all over the internet, but this is how we did it. Have Fun!!

Omelets In a Bag

  • Ziploc quart storage bags*
  • 2 or 3 eggs per person
  • chopped ham
  • Hormel Real Bacon Bits
  • Shredded cheese
  • Chopped onion
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Chopped green pepper
  • Sliced black olives
  • Mushroom pieces, from a can

Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Write everyone’s name on the top of a Ziploc bag with a sharpie

Break two or three eggs into a Ziploc bag.  Either have a buddy hold it open for you, or open and put into a small bowl with high sides.  Add your favorite omelet ingredients.  Seal carefully, pressing out most of the air.  Squeeze bag thoroughly to mix omelet.  Lower into boiling water, lapping top of bag over edge of pot. Cook 13 minutes.  Remove from water.  Open carefully over plate.  Omelet will roll out of bag. 

** Do not use thin sandwich bags.  Either the storage or freezer bags work well.

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