It happened again the other day. When I was telling someone about my job, they said, “It must be fun to watch the flowers grow.” And while this is absolutely true, it doesn’t begin to touch on the effort it takes to start with pots and soil and end up with gorgeous flowers. This year our production staff, waterers and growers have done an outstanding job. Aided by warm sunny weather, they have produced plants that are some of the best we?ve ever grown.

Hanging baskets of pansies adorn the entrance to our main house. Their huge smiling faces are guaranteed to brighten your day. Our geraniums are absolutely amazing. Never have they been so full of bloom so early. And you should see the gerbera daisies. Unbelievably perfect!

As you walk through the greenhouses, be sure to look up when you enter the big house. Hanging baskets fill the roof with a blaze of color. We promise you will find one that’s perfect for you, as well as everyone on your Mother?s Day list.