Sustainability Why it is so important

Sustainability Why it is so important

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we have been growing Green for
many years.  The key is sustainability.


With Greenhouses we are able to grow plants.  Plants need CO2 so they
remove it from the air as they grow, the process is called photosynthesis.  The more plants we can grow, the
less CO2 we would have in our atmosphere and the more oxygen.  Plants give
off oxygen as they grow.  The roots  as they grow and the
organic matter from the above portion of the plant all contain carbon. 
This trapping of carbon in the earth is called CO2 sequestration.


1.  A significant portion of what we sell is grown by us
so no transportation

needed – this leads to
less less pollution of the air.


2.  When we grow we do not leach the standard 10% of the water fertilizer mixture
through the pots.  We try not to leach at all.  Less need for
plant inputs.  We use composted pine bark in our soil mix.  We
also add significant amounts of naturally occurring beneficial fungi and
bacteria to our mix so the plants grow better.  We are the only local
greenhouse doing the above procedures


 We at times have problems with diseases and insects on
our plants. 
We use the least environmental harmful products and the most beneficial materials.


 We have
had an open roof greenhouse for eleven years so we have used less energy for
many years.  We are the only greenhouse in Wisconsin with an open
roof greenhouse design.  Plants grow better in an open
roof greenhouse – more wind and light for the plants. 


We use double inflated infra red plastic on our roofs that traps light
energy and heat inside.  This retains even more heat than standard poly
carbonate on greenhouse roofs.  We are looking at using heat curtains
and triple polycarbonate walls and insulated walls to three feet in the


We have a
flood floor system in our large greenhouse.  This collects the water.


7.  We are the only
greenhouse in the area with an environmental greenhouse computer.  It
really saves significant amounts of energy and provides longer life to
equipment and a more sustainable world.


We reuse
our pots and reuse the pots our customers have purchased from us – thus
less inputs needed to hold the plants.


9.  I still have my
Last Whole Earth Catalog and a few of the first issues of Mother Earth
News magazine which dates back to the late 60’s that is about 40 years of
trying to be more environmentally friendly.


10.  If you get a
chance purchase the book “Cradle to Cradle” by William McDonough.
Recycling is not enough.  We need to be thinking about processes that
can be repeated again and again using renewable sources.  We have
in the past been thinking about Cradle to Grave such as recycling but we need to be thinking about the
folks that follow after us
perhaps that is why the
title is so great – sustainability.


11.  In the future we are
even planning on heating with bio fuel made from switch grass.  We
even plan on taking crop land out of corn and soybeans and putting in
permanent switch grass cover.  Significant more carbon sequestration
with switch grass with fewer inputs. Home>



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  • This was the most pleasant shopping experience I’ve had in a very very long time. Such incredible selections and EVERY SINGLE employee was FANTASTIC!

    - Hannah R..
  • Always enjoy the inspiration this place provides! Love there are so many employees around to answer questions and give directions.

    - Chrystal M..
  • Bring your own pots to this place and set up in a potting work station. You can use their soil and expert advice to make your purchase selections… Fun to do with kids.

    - Melle.
  • Awesome place, always friendly and helpful. Beautiful choices for plants!

    - Catherine C.
  • Everything was beautiful today, enjoyed my time there shopping!

    - Deb V.M.
  • Kudos to the crew at ABF for green houses filled with beautiful flowers & creative gardening elements.

    - Deb M.
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