It’s plain and simple my Italian hubby loves to cook.  And what does he love to cook most of all?  Spaghetti and meatballs, of course!  We’re talking some good ol’ fashion homemade spaghetti sauce folks.  It simmers all day long with spices and fresh herbs (herbs from America's Best Flowers, you knew that was coming, didn’t you?), and special secret ingredient meat balls.   

It’s also plain and simple we love the grandkids.  Every once in a while hubby will say ‘it’s time for spaghetti with the grandkids’ which is a code at our place. 

Grandkids arrive.   When it’s ‘time’ the grandkids get all giggly and run to wash up for their special spaghetti dinner.  They’re all seated at the table and grandpa does his thing.  He takes a large bowl of spaghetti with sauce over to the table and with precision pours the spaghetti and sauce mixture smack dab ON the very clean kitchen table.  The kids squeal with delight. Then grandpa places the meatballs on top of it all.  No plates, no silverware, no napkins!  The kids use their VERY clean hands and each pulls a share of the spaghetti and a meatball to their ‘space’ and have at it.  Grandpa does have one rule though and that is eating with their hands is all fine and dandy, but they each must slurp up some spaghetti without any help from the hands.  Yep, that’s right.  Face down in spaghetti they go.  Oh lordy, we have some of the most hysterical pictures of sweet little faces covered in spaghetti sauce.   Hubby and I have evil plans to share these pictures with all of our grandchildren’s future boyfriends and girlfriends.  Won’t that be a stitch! 

Guess who else likes these spaghetti times? None other than Lucy who patiently waits for her share under the kitchen table.  Relax, for those of you that don’t know…Lucy is our black lab, not a grandchild.