Wasps, mites, and nematodes, oh my!!! It sounds like the intro to a scary movie, but at our greenhouse, these are the good guys!

We are the only greenhouse in the area using beneficial organisms to control our pest insects, which is part of our Integrated Pest Management program (IPM). This is our fourth season implementing an IPM program and it’s allowed us to greatly reduce our pesticide use, thus providing you with safer and more environmentally friendly plants! When we do occasionally need to spray, we are sure to use safe, minimal impact sprays whenever possible.

As the biological control specialist, I’m actively scouting for insects to find them before they become a problem and in order to prevent infestation. I release a variety of insects each week, including wasps (which are about the size of a gnat), midges, mites, nematodes, lacewings, and even ladybugs. These bugs merrily go about their business eating other insects and are of no bother to humans or pets. So the next time you see a bug in your garden and before you swat that bug on your arm, remember, they could be good bugs!