Goji Berry

The Goji berry, also known as Wolfberry, is a deep red berry that has been deemed a superfood, because it’s high in antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. It’s used to reduce inflammation and has historically been used in China to treat a broad range of ailments and diseases. Berries are often dried like a raisin, but can also be consumed fresh, and are juicy with a sweet, tomato-y flavor. Goji plants are deciduous shrubs that can reach up to 8-10 ft tall and 8 ft wide, and can be easily grown in the ground or in a pot. Goji plants prefer deep soil, so bigger containers are better, but potted plants will never grow to the size that a plant in the ground would. Fruit production increases each year for the first 3 years after planting.


Prefers full sun. Will tolerate some shade.


Grows in almost any kind of soil, as long as it doesn’t stay too wet. Prefers well drained soil with a pH between 8-9.

Always use quality potting soil in containers, such as our custom soil mix. Our custom soil mix is the same soil we use to grow all of our plants, which we’ve designed to contain a blend of ingredients for optimal nutrient content, moisture retention, aeration, and beneficial microbes. Amend garden beds with compost, if necessary.


Dig a hole as large as the root ball, incorporate some compost, and plant at the same depth as in the pot.

In a container, use any large, well draining pot.


Provide 2-4 inches of mulch to cool the soil, conserve moisture, and prevent weeds.


Keep moderately moist, but not too wet.


Plants can be pruned to keep to the desired size and shape, and can help increase berry production.


Can be allowed to grow naturally or trellised to be more upright. Weeding throughout the summer helps increase yields.