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Gift Certificates Fund Raiser

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specific Hours.

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We have lots of beautiful plants for your

home.  We grow them so they have to be better.

Perfect gift is Gift Certificates.




Vilas Hope Rd.
Cottage Grove WI

. 53527
Telephone (608) 222-2269
Fax (608) 222-1234


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How do we


  1% of Loyalty
customers sales goes to non profit organizations.  This is of total sales for
the year before expenses or profit.  It is not just for a few days or a
percentage that is left over after expenses.


  The non profits
who sell our gift cards keep 25% of the value for their use.


  We spend more
time and effort than the owners of any local garden center or managers of
national chains finding the best plant for your decks and garden.


we have an open roof greenhouse so no energy needed for fans.


we use the least hazardous materials for growing.  We even add natural
bacteria and mychroriza to help the plants grow for you.


  We are actively
involved with many more organizations than other garden centers.  We can bring
you the latest information and products.


  We try
every way we know how to establish a personal relationship with our customers
so we can serve them better.  We have a customer loyalty program.


What Our Customers Say About Us

  • This was the most pleasant shopping experience I’ve had in a very very long time. Such incredible selections and EVERY SINGLE employee was FANTASTIC!

    - Hannah R..
  • Always enjoy the inspiration this place provides! Love there are so many employees around to answer questions and give directions.

    - Chrystal M..
  • Bring your own pots to this place and set up in a potting work station. You can use their soil and expert advice to make your purchase selections… Fun to do with kids.

    - Melle.
  • Awesome place, always friendly and helpful. Beautiful choices for plants!

    - Catherine C.
  • Everything was beautiful today, enjoyed my time there shopping!

    - Deb V.M.
  • Kudos to the crew at ABF for green houses filled with beautiful flowers & creative gardening elements.

    - Deb M.
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