America?s Best Flowers offers a wonderful fundraising program for churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. Our program runs October 1 through April 1. Organizations sell our gift cards and keep 25% of the total value for their fundraising project. What could be easier? The program needs only one coordinator, eliminating ?Volunteer Burn-Out? that so many of you talk about. ABF gift cards never expire or lose value and can be used at our main location in Cottage Grove, or at our satellite locations. Call Bonnie at 608-222-2269 if you would like information for next year?s sale.

We have many wonderful stories that tell what the money raised has been used for. This week Lakeview Church in Madison is sharing their story with us.

"The Youth at Lakeview Lutheran Church have been using the fund raiser that America?s Best offers for years. Each year several of our youth go on mission trips to other parts of the country. While on mission trips, the youth work in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc and assist less fortunate individuals with home repairs. We are very thankful that America?s Best Flowers offers us the opportunity to continue to do this every year."

– Pam Brown