There is still time for your non-profit organization to earn funds. Due to several schools mentioning the fact that ‘Spring Break’ reduces the time for them to sell America's Best Flowers gift cards we are extending the deadline to April 15 for all non-profit organizations.

Since spring 2014 is here people are beginning to think about vegetable gardens, shade trees, flowering shrubs and glorious flowers.

What perfect timing for your non-profit organization to participate in America’s Best Flowers fundraiser program.  Non-profit organizations earn 25% of the proceeds from each gift card they sell.  For example, if your organization sells $500 of our gift cards, which are available in any denomination over $10, your organization would earn $125.   

Please contact us if your non-profit organization is in need of funds for things such as (but by no means limited to):

  • Local charities, (i.e. food pantry)
  • Church mission trips
  • New equipment or uniforms for your school sports program, or
  • New equipment or uniforms for your school band or orchestra

America’s Best Flowers gift cards are valid at both our Cottage Grove and Edgerton locations. 

If you are interested or have questions regarding our easy and profitable program, please contact Shirley at