In last week’s newsletter, we asked for ideas from you for a new tag line for America's Best Flowers.  This is our current tag line ‘You’ll love your garden … It’s our promise!’  If you have a short and catchy idea for us send it to by August 3, 2012.  Following are the submissions we’ve received to date:

We promise a garden with an explosion of color to delight the eye and of flavor to tempt the taste buds!
Your garden… an explosion of color…a temptation of flavor!
"growing with you"
From our garden to yours
America's Best flowers stand the test of time!
Plants grown with love to grace your landscape.
Flowers, trees and herbs for the beginner and the seasoned gardener!
America's Best Flowers are simply irresistible!
The place to bee for flowers and trees!
Growing with you and for you!