Of course, all your guests’ eyes will be on the TV during the games, but come halftime, or should we say, chowtime, people will be sure to take notice of the spectacular mums in your yard, container garden, or deck. 

It’s only natural that you’d use mums from America’s Best Flowers to decorate.  After all, Packer and Badger fans deserve only the best. 

To keep your mums looking vibrant and healthy as long as possible please review the following information:


Light: Full sun for maximum bloom

Soil: Well-drained

Water: Water well after planting until established

After Care:

Sept-Oct: Bloom Season

November: Cover with 4-5 inches of soil for winter protection.  After ground freezes, mulch soil around plant with hay or straw. 

Garden mums are zone 5 perennials and should be considered tender perennials in WI.  They must be given protection to survive the winter.  We do not guarantee that mums will over winter.