Giant photo of an Earwig

Thanks to many of you who emailed us your gross earwig stories. It was really hard to decide which is the grossest, since any time earwigs are involved it is so gross. But this one is Eeww! Eeewww!! Eeeewwww!!!

“One morning, I walked through the door of the wooden shed in our backyard, and hundreds of earwigs dropped from their nest in the crevice above the doorway onto my head, neck and down the back of my shirt. As I jumped around, swatting the creepy critters away, I realized I was squishing many of them against my skin inside my shirt. Yuk! I ran into the house, tore off my shirt and jumped in the shower to wash every last remnant of earwigs from my hair and body. It was the grossest thing to happen to me in a very long time.”

Submitted by Randy, who has won a bag of Earth Tone Bug and Slug. Congratulations Randy, and may you never have earwigs rain on you again!

By now, you’ve probably guessed that we really hate earwigs. If you do too, we suggest you try Espoma’s Earth Tone Bug and Slug. It can be used on lawns, vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals to control earwigs, cutworms, sow bugs, pill bugs, slugs and snails. Good for organic gardening. Just scatter Bug & Slug on moist soil around your plants. It lures earwigs, slugs and snails from their hiding places. Ingestion of even a small amount will cause them to stop feeding.

Bug and Slug is so popular we have run out of it twice. Another shipment is due in today, but our supplier has informed us that no more are available at this time. So hurry out and pick up a bag or two while supplies last.