Eggs Dyed in Various Colors

To get started you will need:

Mordant helps color penetrate shell:  alum, cream of tartar or white vinegar

A pot large enough to hold the number of eggs you are doing – you might want to use several small pots to make different colors – do not use aluminum

Water – distilled works best – or any chlorine-free water to cover eggs

Eggs – start with clean, white shells for best results

Dyestuff – this is where the fun comes in – it’s time to experiment – America’s Best has a huge assortment of naturally grown herbs, plant material and pansy blossoms you can use to create a rainbow of colors.  For quantities and suggestions see



Basic Procedure

Put water, mordant and dyestuff in the pot – Bring to a boil – boil 20 – 30 minutes – add either room-temperature raw or previously boiled eggs – if raw – turn burner to simmer and cook for another 10 minutes – remove from heat.  If using boiled eggs – remove pan from heat and immerse eggs in hot liquid.  Soak for 20 – 30 minutes – up to overnight – the longer the eggs are in the colored liquid the darker the color will be.

Another alternative is to blow the egg out of the shell before you begin so you are dying an empty shell.  I remember doing this as a child.  Wash eggs well – take a sharp large needle – poke a small hole in top (rounded) end.  Repeat at the bottom (pointy) end twirling the needle around to make the hole a bit larger and also break the yolk inside the shell.  Holding egg over a bowl, press a short drinking straw against the smaller hole, blow hard, forcing the raw egg through the larger hole. Rinse well before immersing in hot, colored water.   For more complete instructions on how to blow out the eggs visit