Welcome all dogs to America's Best Flowers 1st Annual Dog Wash Saturday!

Trust that your best friend will be in the loving and gentle care of volunteers from the Dane County Humane Society, Tabby and Jack’s Mobile Grooming and Talbot Photography.  It will be like getting ready for the doggie prom.  A cool refreshing bath followed by a nail trim and a professional picture to remember the day with. 

For a suggested $10 donation Dane County Humane Society volunteers will shampoo and rinse all those intriguing(?) summer smells out of your dog’s fur.  It will all come out in the wash!  All proceeds go directly to the Dane County Humane Society. 

Then stop by and visit Kelsey, a professional groomer, at the Tabby & Jack’s Grooming and Pet Nutrition Booth.  Kelsey can trim those doggie nails either by the traditional method or with a drummel.  The cost for a nail trim by the traditional method is $10 and for the drummel method is $15.  Did we mention that Tabby & Jack’s is donating all proceeds to the Dane County Humane Society?  How great is that!