I had a phone call yesterday from a customer with a gardening question.  Not an unusual event.  We are thankful for every opportunity we get to talk with you, answer your questions and help you have beautiful gardens.  But this conversation was a bit different.  At the end of these calls, I always invite the caller to come out anytime and enjoy the quiet beauty the greenhouse has to offer.  I call them mental health visits.  When I mentioned this to her, she was overcome with gratitude.  Telling me what a wonderful thing it is to be welcome all the time.

The depth of her appreciation was surprising to me,  until she explained that for several years she was trapped in her home as a result of an accident that left her unable to go anywhere.  The damage was so serious that her doctors couldn't help her, until three months ago when she finally found a surgeon who was able to correct the problem.  Today she is able to go places and see things that, for so long, were beyond her grasp.  By the time we hung up, it was I who was overcome with thanks.  That she had called and shared at such a personal level, reminding me to never take the everyday things in my life for granted.