America's Best Flowers’ VERY LAST Orange Dollar Day$ starts this weekend, Saturday, September 8 and runs through Sunday, September 16.  This will be the last opportunity to use the ABF Orange Dollars

Dig out those ABF Orange Dollars from the glove compartment of your car, the bottom of your purse, the back of a kitchen drawer, your safe deposit box, or wherever you may have stashed them and use them starting this Saturday. 

This season we replaced the ABF Orange Dollars with America’s Bonus Bucks.  We would like to remind everyone that although the new America's Bonus Bucks can be used anytime, they will expire at the end of the year. 

Your ABF Orange Dollars and your America’s Bonus Bucks (yes, you can combine them during dollar days) may be used for up to 50% off your purchase, tax excluded, of course (we can’t leave out Uncle Sam!)

There are no restrictions on what you can buy.  If it’s in stock you can buy it.  Have you been thinking about changing up your landscape a-little-here-or-a-lot- over-there with a new plant, tree or shrub?  Perhaps you've had your eye on one of our beautiful pieces of pottery…gotcha thinking now, don’t we?