It happens…

Every now and then we choose a product we envision that you all will think is fantastic and it ends up falling flat on it’s face! Our Bonide 4 Phase Lawn Care program is one of those products. We obviously fell short in communicating the benefits of this program over the Scott’s 4 Step program because if we had done a better job, we would have sold it all!

There are so many reasons why this product is better than Scott’s so in order to prove this, we want to give you the opportunity to try it. Our past shortcomings are going to be your windfall!

Here’s a snapshot of some benefits of Bonide versus Scott’s:

Early Spring Application of Crabgrass Preventer (Phase 1): Bonide controls 28 broadleaf and grassy weeds while Scott’s only has 8 weeds listed on their label. Also, the Bonide can be used on established turf, ornamentals and wildflowers, so you can use it in other areas of your landscape. Scott’s is listed only for established turf, so it limits you to just your lawn. More diversity of weeds controlled means better control and less products you have to use to control all your weeds, saves you money!

Late Spring/Early Summer Application of Weed & Feed (Phase 2): Bonide controls over 200 common and hard to control weeds. The Scott’s only lists 5 weeds controlled on their bag. That doesn’t give you much control at all! Higher potassium levels are important in the summer to help with drought resistance. Bonide provides a higher potassium input than the Scott’s, giving you a lawn more able to withstand periods of no rainfall.

Summer Application of Insect & Feed (Phase 3): Scott’s Step 3 doesn’t have any insect control, so you have to make a second application of another product to your lawn in order to control insects like ticks, ants, fleas and more. More time, more money for you. Once again, step 3 has more potassium than Scott’s, so you get continued drought resistance to take you through the summer.

Fall Application of Winterizer (Phase 4): The year is finished out with additional potassium, again more than Scott’s Step 4, for strong root growth and winter hardiness. What the Bonide doesn’t have in this Phase is excess Nitrogen fertilizer, which is actually detrimental to your lawn late in the season. Scott’s has almost 3 times the Nitrogen in Step 4, as the Bonide, leaving your lawn at an increased risk for diseases such as Snow Mold.

We are offering our 4 Phase Lawn Program at $5.00 per bag. That’s just $20 dollars for a year’s worth of nutrition, disease and insect control for your lawn. We think that once you see the benefits of using this program over Scott’s you’ll never go back to Scott’s again! This offer is good while supplies last and is not eligible for the rebate program. Not valid on previous purchases. You must take all 4 phases at the time of purchase.