Our Magellan Mix Zinnia’s are in bloom.  The early, big, long-lasting colorful blooms on these compact plants come in dazzling hues of coral, pink, rose, yellow, ivory, red, and scarlet.  They are not only tough, weather tolerant sun lovers, but they attract butterflies, too.   

The cut flowers stay fresh for well over a week in a vase and, bonus, the more you cut, the more you get.  The foliage does not do as well as the blooms, so be sure to trim it off before putting them in a vase.  They like sun and heat but do need well-drained soil.  Also, it’s best to water them either with a soaker hose to minimize wetting the foliage or water them early in the day so that the leaves dry off before nightfall.  You just cannot go wrong with the Zinnias.  They are amongst the easiest annuals to grow.