Lucy, our black lab, went to Tabby & Jack’s Pet Grooming last week for a bath and a manicure (okay, let us call it like it is…nail clipping).  We usually bathe her in our bathtub, but during the holiday season last year, we took her to Tabby & Jack’s for a bath.  Wow!  What a difference.  Hubby and I were so impressed with the way she looked (and smelled) that Tabby & Jack’s is now our, I mean, Lucy’s, bath place of choice.  Another bonus is that we will not be wiping black dog fur off all of the bathroom walls for days on end. 

This sort of reminds me of our container workshops.  Bring in your container (dog) pick out your flowers and plant them (bath & stuff), we provide the potting soil (clean dog) and we clean up the mess (no bathroom walls to wipe down).

I went to their website to book her appointment and saw the term teeth scraping (I know, pretty gross sounding, isn’t it?)  I love Lucy, (oh, my, what a catchy term), but I do not brush her teeth.  I called Tabby & Jack’s to get a better taste of what this was all about.  They got right to the canine point about how harmful tartar build up can be for a dog.  Okay, I bit and added that process to her grooming list.  Lucy was in Becky’s very capable and gentle groomer hands for about an hour.  Upon returning, a very shiny, fluffy, manicured, fresh smelling and happy Lucy greeted me.  As Lucy and I were walking to the car, I noticed a man coming toward us smiling.  ‘Nice smile’ he said and I responded, ‘Well, thank you’.  He looked rather embarrassed and responded ‘Ah, I meant your dog’…I’ve gotta look into that teeth scraping.