Mary has worked part time for the last 7 years in our retail area.  Mary loves working in retail where she can help customers with their questions, sharing her knowledge of the products that we have available and knowing that she has a satisfied customer when they leave.  She has on occasion helped with our workshops and in our customer service area.

Mary states there are many reasons she enjoys working for America’s Best Flowers.  She has given her top three reasons as follows:  “Spring comes early in the greenhouse!”  “I love watching the rapid plant progression from the planting stage to a greenhouse laden with blooming hanging baskets.”  Last but not least “the smiling faces on both the pansies and her co-workers”.

She indicates that her favorite plant is our begonias and the many varieties we have.  “The begonias bloom profusely and I just love them”.

Mary has a huge vegetable garden every year and so she does lots of canning and freezing of her fresh produce.  She also enjoys sewing and quilting in her spare time.