Our associate of the week, Lauren, has been kind enough to write this article for our newsletter.

I started in 2011 when America’s Best Flowers started using biological controls and have since honed the program over the last five seasons.  (My associates usually call me the ‘bug lady’.)  I monitor insect populations and plant health, and release beneficial insects, which eat or parasitize pest insects.  I also help wherever I can, whether it’s watering, grooming plants or helping customers!

I love plants!  It’s a joy to be surrounded by the beauty and wonderment of plants everyday.  I enjoy learning about, caring for, and seeing plants thrive and bloom.  It’s also very rewarding to assist customers with their projects and help spread the joy of gardening.

Favorite plants:  Herbs, especially lavender!  I really enjoy their unique textures, tastes, and fragrances!

My favorite hobbies are hiking, biking, being in nature, and identifying wildflowers.