Our associate of the week is Cheryl who started working for America’s Best Flowers in 2002 as a seasonal associate at our East Menard’s satellite location.  She also worked at our West Town and Monona locations.  She also helped with planting from February thru Mid-April in Cottage Grove, which she still does to this day.  In 2011 she was asked to come to Cottage Grove to work as an Assistant Manager.

If you ask Cheryl what she enjoys most about her job she smiles and comments, working with my co-workers.  She feels that together they create a greenhouse full of beautiful plants for you to enjoy.  She also loves learning new things about plants and related products from her co-workers and customers so she can share that knowledge.

Just ask Cheryl’s co-workers what her favorite plant is and they will tell you ‘she loves everything’!  She does have a passion for succulents, ‘the more unusual the better’.  The best thing about succulents is how they require very little attention, a little water, plant food and sun, and that’s it.  Grandchildren and gardening are at the top of her interests – hobbies outside of work.  She is also an avid pool player having played in the Women’s Independent Pool League since the age of seventeen.  She hopes to see you soon at America’s Best Flowers.