Did you know that dull mower blades rip and tear your lawn?  This can make your lawn more susceptible to drought and diseases. 

Don’t let this happens to your lawn.  If your mower blades are dull we know a pretty sharp guy that can help you out with that and all of your other dull garden tools.   

Don, from Universal Saw & Tool Sharpening, will be here on Saturday, July 19, from 9am-4pm and will, for a nominal fee (collected by Don) sharpen those dull garden tools, lawn mower blades, tin snips, and more.  Look for our signs in the parking lot directing you to the drop off area.

Don will be able to sharpen most items while you are enjoying your time at the greenhouse.  For more difficult sharpening Don may need to take your items back to his shop.  They may then be picked up at America’s Best Flowers the following week.

If you can’t wait until July 19, just give Don a call at 608-358-0547 and he’ll take care of your sharpening needs.