Did you know that America’s Best Flowers has a fundraising program for non-profit organizations? It is such an easy, straight forward and profitable fundraiser, that many non-profit organizations participate year after year.

Most fundraisers sell products that people don’t really want or need, and in order to realize a profit, the cost of the item is usually inflated. This one is different!

You receive 25% of the value of every gift card you sell. Our fundraiser runs October 1st-April 1st. During this time, we give you the opportunity to sell our gift cards, and you receive 25% of the value of every gift card you sell!!! While springtime is certainly “the biggie”, with gardening and landscaping needs, the fall/holiday fundraiser offers some unique opportunities, and there is a lot of profit to be made October-December.

The mums, asters and fall foliage are perfect for decorating hearth and home. Our Autumn Market offers pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, fall bulbs, bales of straw, cornstalks and Halloween décor. After Thanksgiving, we offer Christmas trees, wreaths, roping and poinsettias in many varieties. Since many people buy all or most of these items, why not sell them an ABF gift card and make 25% for your school or participating school organization? You’ll be offering something people want and need, while we give you the opportunity to benefit from these sales. It’s a win-win situation!

You promote the sales. We offer the gift cards in any denomination of $10 or more. Imagine the profit! For example, if 100 families purchase $100 in gift cards, your sales total would be $10,000, giving you a profit of $2500. Your sales will increase every year.

It’s easy to do and has no volunteer burnout! Simply announce the upcoming fundraiser several weeks in advance of the sale. Mail or send home a letter and order form with your students, and have them available at school concerts, plays, sporting events, and in your school office. You sell the certificates and collect the money. Checks are made payable to your organization. Bring us the paperwork and we’ll make out the certificates with the name of the recipient and in chosen amounts. Most orders are for multiple cards, as they make GREAT gifts for holidays and birthdays etc… You pick them up a week later and pay us 75% of the total sales amount. Bulk orders are also available. What could be easier? I will be happy to meet with you, and help organize your sale. Most organizations sell them for a month or two in spring and again before Christmas. Our program is only available October – April 1st.

America’s Best Flowers gift certificates never expire, and can be used year round at both our main site in Cottage Grove and our Edgerton location.

If you are interested or have questions regarding our easy and profitable program, please contact Shirley at or call the greenhouse at 608-222-2269.