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Newsletter 28: ABF Dollar Days

Newsletter 28 – September 10, 2009


 DOLLAR DAYS are here!

Our Pumpkins have Arrived!

 Al’s Pick of the Month – Fall Mums 

 Recipe – Warm Italiano Spread

Calendar of Events

There can be no other occupation like gardening,

in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work,

you would find them smiling.

Mirabel Osler


September 12-20

That’s right! Dollar Days are here. Rummage through your drawers, glove compartments, handbags and pockets, dig ‘em out, and bring ‘em in beginning at 9AM Saturday morning, September 12. This is the time when you can redeem your orange bucks for up to 50% off your total purchase of our entire stock. No exceptions. The only limitation is they cannot be used with birthday cards or other coupons. Imagine the possibilities – trees, shrubs, perennials, a mixed fall container, pansies, bulbs, herbs, and how about that big gorgeous ceramic pot you’ve looked at every time you walked through our doors? It’s all here and waiting for you.

If you’ve been to Dollar Days before, you know not to wait too long for the best selection. We’ve even kept the special and sale pricing on and you can STILL use your dollars for up to an additional 50% off that sale price! We love to see the happy faces of our customers as they realize the great deals they got by using their orange dollars.

We appreciate your loyalty and know you have many choices of where you can shop. That you choose us is something we do not take for granted and Dollar Days is one of our ways of saying thank you.  We will be open from 9 until 6 on weekends and 9 to 7 during the week for this event.


What’s the difference between bird flu and swine flu?

 For bird flu you need tweetment,

for swine flu you need oinkment!


The summer days are shortening, your gardens are perhaps producing a bit less, yet the gardening pleasures now are fabulous. The cooler temperatures, coupled with fewer mosquitoes make for a gardening Utopia.

We’re proud of our spring bulb collection, and they are the perfect answer for the gardeners who wants bloom from spring through fall.  Bulbs add glorious color to yards and landscape when it’s far too early to plant annuals. Some even before the trees leaf out. They’re a super investment, of your gardening time and dollars, because you will enjoy their beauty for years.

The most frequently asked question at ABF regarding bulbs is how deep to plant them. A good rule of thumb is to dig a hole at least twice the height of the bulb. Plant in well drained soil, with a little added some compost, especially if you have a lot of clay in your bed, in full to part sun. The best time to plant is October, because you want the bulbs to get watered and sprout some roots before the ground freezes. Most folks buy them now, when there is a good selection. Keep them in a cool dry location until you put them in the ground. There’s a good information link to the University of Illinois about bulbs:  www.urbanext.illinois.edu/bulbs/planting.html


Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus


Straw bales are already in stock, pie pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds and corn shocks arrive Friday.  All of these are Wisconsin grown, and we are proud to do our part in selling local products.  I always decorate early, in part because I love those things, but also, to get the most out of the season. Soon you’ll be able to join us making scarecrows at out Scarecrow Workshop. Excitement is in the air!

We want to share a great link for you to get the most out of the season this year. It’s www.travelwisconsin.com and they will issue weekly fall color reports for the entire state. It has 11 classic fall drives, and even information on touring microbreweries.



A good compost pile should get hot enough to poach an egg, but not so hot it would cook a lobster.

With no measurable rainfall for the past several days, Ilene, our perennial manager, reminds you to continue to water your plants regularly, especially trees, shrubs and perennials that you planted this season. The first year is critical to the plant’s success and you want to protect your investment and hard work.


I left a packet of seeds in my pocket and my coat turned into a Chia jacket!

Calendar of Events

Sept 12-20             Dollar Days

September 20        Dividing Perennials at 1 PM

Sept 21 – Oct 4     Scarecrow Days – Make your own scarecrow and we’ll clean up the mess.  Real family fun! Refreshments on weekends.

September 24        Make a Fall Container Workshop from 4-8 pm

September 27        How to Winterize Roses at 1 PM


America’s Best Flowers gift certificates make the perfect gift for your favorite gardener.  Remember, they never expire and may be used on everything we sell.


A man should never plant a garden larger than his wife can take care of.

T.H. Everett

Al’s Pick of the Month

Garden Mums

We grow 6000 fall mums in over 30 varieties. Our fields are filled with early, mid and late blooming plants that come in shades of white, yellow and gold, bronze, red, burgundy, lavender and purple. You have to see them to believe how full and lush these beauties are.  When you do, we think you’ll say we grow the most beautiful mums in town. Picture your home decorated with blazing color! This week we want to tell you about a gorgeous variety we grow called Jennifer. It has a bronze center surrounded by a rich yellow–gold and is such a warm and inviting ambassador of autumn.


We sell mums as an annual They bring immediate color and last a long time.  If you plan to try to have them come back next year, plant them deeply in the ground, as soon as possible. Mums prefer a sunny, well-drained location.


For more information on planting, pruning, feeding and mulching mums, refer to last week’s newsletter. To get there, go to our homepage www.americasbestflowers.com and click on newsletters, 2009 and then Newsletter 27.


 If I could only grow green stuff in my garden like I can in my refrigerator.


I made this for work and while we enjoyed it, there was a little something missing. I adapted it this weekend and it was very good. I think the secret is serving it on Triscuit Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers. But what’s great is that it only takes minutes to prepare, can go on the grill or in the oven, which I prefer, and makes a super easy and very delicious appetizer.


Warm Italiano Spread

I (8 oz. pkg.) Neufchatel cheese

¼ cup pesto

dash cayenne pepper

1 plum tomato, chopped

¼ c finely shredded 5 cheese blend

1 T grated parmesan

fresh basil, if desired (chiffonade about 4 or 5 leaves)

Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits

*To chiffonade fresh basil, take several leaves and place on top of each other. Roll them tightly (up the long side) and slice them finely as you move down the roll.


Heat grill to medium. Place unwrapped Neufchatel cheese on 8” square sheet of heavy duty foil. Give the pesto a dash of cayenne, stir it up and pour over cheese. Next, sprinkle with the tomatoes and Italian cheese. Sprinkle it all with the grated parmesan.


Place foil on grill; cover with lid. Grill 8-10 minutes or until shredded cheese is melted and Neufchatel is softened, but still holding its shape.


Transfer foil to platter. Serve spread with crackers.


Prepare year round by baking in a 375 degree oven 12-14 minutes or until cheese is melted and Neufchatel is softened, but still holding its shape.


A New Age Veggie Song:

Peas would rule the planets, and love would clear the bars.

It was the dawning of the Age of Asparagus, Age of Asparagus.



May the Holy Spirit Guide You!  God Bless
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