Have you ever been witness to a moment between a husband and wife and you just go ‘ohhhh’.  Last week at the greenhouse office I witnessed one such moment between Ed and Carol.  Ed and Carol are the owners of America's Best Flowers.  Their dedication to the greenhouse is surpassed only by their dedication to God and to one another.  And after forty years of marriage they still have ‘it’! 

Ed was at the supply cupboard which is located in a little corner of the office and Carol came up behind him and started talking to him.  Carol needed an answer about something.  Ed turned around smiling and made a futile attempt to get out of the corner.  He was trapped and he really didn’t seem to mind all that much.  Carol could tell he was trying to escape and they both started to laugh and smile at one another.   I don’t know if Carol ever got her question answered and I believe, at that moment in time, it didn’t matter.