Remember when you were little and the most wonderful gift in the world was the big box of 64 Crayola crayons? How they unleashed your imagination! Violet-blue grass, yellow-orange skies, carnation pink birds and trees in rainbows of color soon filled your coloring book. What wonderful times! Did you ever try to use every one of them on the same page? Or were you like me and saved some of the ‘best’ colors for special pictures you would draw and take to Grandma’s house to put on the refrigerator with cellophane tape (yes I am older than refrigerator magnets).

Do you long for those days when there were no rules, when any color combination you created was rewarded with ooh’s and aah’s by everyone you showed them to. We have good news for you! There are no rules at America’s Best Flowers, just color. Everywhere you look there is bold, fantastic color in every hue of the Crayola box and then a thousand more. While you’re here your imagination can go anywhere you let it. Mix orange and red and purple and blue and yellow and white, all in the same pot if you like. WOW! There is no ‘wrong’ combination.

Nothing looks more fabulous than vivid, vibrant, exciting color! It’s still early in the season, and you have lots of time to color your landscape. Our mixed annual containers are the easiest way to jazz up your outdoor graduation party areas. Annuals add so much rich color and the beauty of planting perennials is that they come back every year. By mixing them in the same planting, you have the best of both worlds. If you’d like help getting started come on out and ask one of our design staff, or come to our FREE CLASSES the next two Saturday mornings.