Our floral and tropical plant areas are growing to the point where we are short of staff. We sure could use everyone’s help in finding two full time floral designers and a manager for the floral department. If you know of anyone, please give us a call.
Exciting changes are coming to America’s Best Flowers. We have hired Bruce as our general manager, Michele as our marketing manager, and Jeaneanne as our commercial accounts manager. All three are in training and are very enthusiastic about starting their new duties.
I am still hanging in there with this massive spreading prostate cancer and hope to be around a while longer to greet customers and help where I can. Stop in and say Hi!
My lovely wife Carol is doing double duty taking care of me and still responsible for all the accounting! I am a very blessed man to have her at my side.
I personally want to thank everyone for the support in this cancer fight for my life on this earth. I am closer to God than I have ever been. I know it is hard to believe, but I thank Him for the disease – I had become too concerned about this world – I much better understand the phrase that we live in Christ but go out to the world.
I also want to recommend everyone to check out Gilda’s club for cancer support. It has been a God send to Carol for emotional and mental support. I have read hundreds of books, medical journals and also talked to many other cancer patients while we are getting IVs of Vitamin C to combat the cancer. If you need someone to listen to you, just call and ask for Ed – I am usually here or I will return your phone call.
We are going to celebrate Christmas at Carol’s brother’s house. A lot of the relatives get together to eat dinner and then play card games afterward. We hope you have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family over the Christmas Holidays.
Please take time this Christmas and just appreciate how blessed we are in this country. Take time to appreciate your friends and tell them how much you love them. You never know how much time you have left in this world.
A precious gift you can give anyone is your time – please share it with others
I have been blessed to learn about an exceptional individual and a book he wrote. The book is called “The Forging Life” by Robert Enright PhD. He is a professor at UW – Madison. The book has helped me greatly to deal with this cancer. It is a great book about the power of forgiveness in your life and how to achieve it.


Ed and Carol Knapton


Our mission as a locally owned business is to increase the Joy in your life. We hope by doing this we will have enough time and resources to help animals and people in need. Please help us do this by continuing to shop with us.
Staff at America’s Best Flowers
Everyone Have an Exceptional Christmas- God Bless from all your Friends at America’s Best Flowers and especially from Carol and I.
Please note the change in hours and days we are open this holiday season.
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