Hello Edward,  
Have you ever wondered who starts all of our seeds and nurtures them as they grow? That would be this amazing lady right here! That’s our Barb! Some of you might know her from her days of running our satellite location out in Sun Prairie, but these days you’re more likely to have seen her friendly face around the greenhouse.  

The seeds will need to get used to a new plant Momma! Because this plant Mom is moving on up! She has recently accepted a promotion to a position as Retail Manager. Her friendly smile and sunny hello brightens all of our days, and hopefully yours in the near future!

A little trivia about Barb … her favorite flavor of Ice Cream is Mint Chocolate Chip! Just in case you run into her during those hot summer days here in the greenhouse. 😉
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Enjoy the rich fragrance of wax bowls. Habersham scented wax bowls are designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the need of an open flame.

All Fresh Bundled Greens, Wreaths, Garland, Swags, Porch Pots and Crosses.
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Where does the snowman hide his money?
In the snow bank.

Moon Cactus

Looking for a fun gift for that hard to buy for person? We have moon cacti that are sure to please the plant geeks in your life!
Moon cacti are actually two different species of cacti that are grafted onto each other. They are cut and placed so that they fuse together to form a bond and grow as one plant.
The top cactus is a bright, neon colored variety that is red, yellow, orange, pink or purple. It is generally ball-shaped. These cacti are neon colored because they lack chlorophyll, the green pigment that is necessary for plants to absorb energy from light. Without the grafting, this cactus would die as a seedling, as it cannot sustain itself. The lack of chlorophyll allows the underlying neon pigment to come through, a similar concept to leaves changing colors in the fall.
The bottom cactus, the rootstock, is a green type. The most common is a triangular-shaped variety that is tolerant of extreme drought. This variety, left to grow on its own is actually a night-blooming cactus, pollinated by bats and produces what’s known as Dragon Fruit.

The rootstock is what provides the essential nutrients for growth of the entire plant. Because of its tolerance of a wide range of moisture conditions, moon cacti are relatively-easy-to-care-for plants.

Moon Cacti should be grown in bright, indirect light. Keep them out of full sun or they will sunburn. Do not over-water them! Water thoroughly and allow them to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Fertilize moon cactus from April to September with Bonide Liquid Cactus Plant Food. Because they are a “tropical” plant, they don’t like to be cold, so grow in a warm environment.
We have an assortment of colors, so stop by to see these cute, colorful plants. They are sure to brighten up your winter and bring a smile to all of your plant geek friends! 

Mini Poinsettias and Cyclamen 

Looking for those last few gifts to complete your shopping list? How about our adorable miniature poinsettias and cyclamen! What a unique teacher gift, hostess gift or thank you gift. Our minis come in a variety of colors and grow in decorative, self-watering containers. How easy! Come on in and pick some up soon. Treat yourself to one, too!

How many presents can Santa fit in an empty sack?
Only one – after that it’s not empty any more
Upcoming Events – Mark your Calendars!!!

A Merry Little Centerpiece 
Saturday, December 16, 2017  1-3
Cost $35.00
Whether it is a chic farmhouse-style look or sparkle and glitter, 
express your style as you create your centerpiece.

Enjoy this workshop filled with holiday warmth and festive spirit. A variety of fresh greens, fresh flowers and various decorative elements are all included in this workshop. 

Come with friends and enjoy creating a centerpiece to match your style while creating memories to remember. 
Two expert floral designers will be here to assist you with any questions. 
Call (608) 222-2269 to register. Only a couple of spots left!

Fannie Farmer Fudge 
Courtesy of Spike from our Edgerton location.

4 1/2 Cups Sugar
12 oz can of Evaporated Milk
6oz of Semisweet Chocolate Chips
12oz of Milk Chocolate Chips
1/2 Pound Butter
2 Cups Nuts
3 Tbsp. Vanilla
Boil sugar and milk for 7 minutes, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and add chocolate chips, beat.
Add butter, beat.
Add nuts, beat.
Add vanilla, beat.
Pour into buttered 9″x 13″ pan to harden.