Blooming plants in January?

Newsletter 4 – Thursday, January 26, 2017


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Lady’s Story – Chapter 27

A couple of dirty pawprints on the linoleum floor and a brightly-colored rug.

"Obviously they belong to the dog that’s been sneaking in and bringing the christmas decorations back up! Which is definitely not me."

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My mom asked, "Lady, are these your muddy paw prints?"

"Ahhh, nooo?" I answered.

(Something tells me she doesn’t believe me…)


America’s Best Flowers Fundraising Program

Spring 2017 is right around the corner!  People are beginning to think about vegetable gardens, shade trees, flowering shrubs and glorious flowers.   What perfect timing for your non-profit organization to participate in America’s Best Flowers fundraiser program and earn funds for your local charities, mission trips, school equipment, school uniforms, etc.

America’s Best Flowers would like to help you succeed with your fundraising efforts! 

Our SPRING fundraising program runs through April 3, 2017.  We have designed this program to be quick, easy, and profitable.  In as little as 2-3 weeks or less, you can earn substantial money for your group by selling America’s Best Flowers gift cards.

What else makes our fundraising program so fabulous?

  • Your group will receive 25% of the total value of America’s Best Flowers gift cards they sell! 
  • Our gift cards are valid at both our Cottage Grove and Edgerton locations!  
  • Our gift cards NEVER EXPIRE!

There are 3 ways for your organization to earn funds by selling America’s Best Flowers gift cards.

1. Take orders on a simple spreadsheet in any denomination over $10.00.
2. Buy gift cards in bulk.  (This works nicely for your customers who want to buy, grab and go.) 
3. Or, use both methods.

If your organization takes orders, submit the spreadsheet or list for processing.  Your customers pay you directly for their gift card order.  We do not accept individual checks.  Your organization would then present America’s Best Flowers with one check for 75% of your total gift card order which would be due when picking up your processed gift card order.  You may submit and pick up your gift card orders on a weekly basis, if you would prefer, but please keep in mind that payment must then be made on a weekly basis as well.

Another way is to purchase in bulk to sell at your organization’s activities.  One check, from your organization, for payment of 75% of the total is due when you pick up your bulk order.  This method allows you to purchase gift cards to sell throughout the year!

Our gift cards are available in any denomination over $10.00.  Offering your customers an assortment of denominations such as $10, $20, $25, $50, etc. promotes better sales.

Your final order for gift cards must be submitted by Monday, April 3rd. The gift cards will be available for you to pick up within 3-4 days after your order is submitted to us.

America’s Best Flowers gift cards can be redeemed at both our Cottage Grove and Edgerton locations for any and all products that we carry.  Our Cottage Grove location is the larger of the two thus we have a greater variety of plant, flowers, trees, shrubs and hard goods such as pottery, lawn and garden decor item, etc.  Both locations now have floral shops.

As they say, advertising pays!  Be sure to get the word out that you will be offering the gift cards as a fundraiser.  Posting a few simple flyers on bulletin boards, promoting it in newsletters, etc. can have a big impact on your profits.  Many groups have told us that ‘America’s Best Flowers gift cards almost sell themselves!’  How great is that?

We’d also be happy to come to your location and meet with your organization to discuss this easy-to-do and profitable fundraising opportunity.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Shirley at the greenhouse (608-222-2269) or

A classic is a book that is much praised, rarely read.

We Make Ordering Flowers Easy!

Now with two America’s Best Flowers Floral Shops at your convenience it’s easier then ever to send fresh cut flowers and lovely plants to those special people in your life. 

To make your flower ordering easy, the following are FOUR convenient ways to order flowers from America’s Best Flowers:

  • Call either our Cottage Grove location at 608-222-2269 or our Edgerton location at 608-884-8120 or 1-888-287-1411 and order over the phone.
  • Go to  America’s Best Flowers will be listed under the Find Florist icon.
  • Go to and go to the icon in the upper left corner identified as Shop Now.
  • Go to and fill in the appropriate areas.

In addition to local flower delivery in Cottage Grove, WI, America’s Best Flowers provides floral delivery services to the following nearby areas:

  • Cambridge, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Deerfield, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Madison, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Marshall, Wisconsin (WI)
  • Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (WI)

Waterloo, Wisconsin (WI)

A fool and his money are soon partying.

We have seeds…lots and lots of seeds!

It’s never too early to start planning for this season’s garden.  If you are planning a vegetable, herb or flower garden, bring your seed list out to either our Cottage Grove or Edgerton location. We have a huge selection of Livingston seeds for you to choose from.

About all you can get for a nickel these days is heads or tails.

Blooming plants in January?

You bet! Our lovely cyclamen plants in a rainbow of colors are a perfect cheer-me-up during these dismal days of January.

The cyclamen is a wonderful flowering house plant. Water your cyclamen plant only when the soil is dry to the touch. And be sure to water from below the leaves so that the water doesn’t touch the stems or leaves which can cause them to rot.  Soak the soil thoroughly and let any excess water drain away.  That’s it!  Now just sit back and enjoy the pop of color this sweet little plant will provide!

Ban sliced cheese. Make America grate again!

Visit us at the 2017 Midwest Garden Expo

February 10, 11 & 12

Friday   2pm – 8pm
Saturday   9am – 6pm
Sunday   10am – 4pm

Come out and see us at the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. We’ll have a wide selection of vegetable and flower seeds, bulbs, blooming cyclamen and primula, garden supplies and much, much more.

Happiness comes through doors you didn’t even know you left open!

Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for a short-term seasonal job?   Do you enjoy people, flowers and dirt?  If so, we may have the perfect job for you.  We are looking for a few good people to perform retail, customer service and cashier duties.  Plant knowledge is preferred for these positions.

These job opportunities would be from approximately mid-April thru mid-June.  We are in need of candidates who can work weekends and several days during the week.  The total number of hours per week could be between 24 – 40 hours. Other job duties could consist of stocking and cleaning plants, sweeping floors, corralling run away shopping carts.

Another position available is for a Greenhouse Production Associate.  The Greenhouse Production Associate is responsible for all aspects of plant maintenance including but not limited to: watering, moving, shipping, and disposing of all plants while maintaining the quality standards of America’s Best Flowers. Physical stamina is necessary for this position.

We are in need of candidates who can work weekends and several days during the week.  This is a 40 hour per week position.

If you are interested in either of these employment opportunities please email Marty Robbins at or Betty Bless at

7/5 of all people do not understand fractions.

Upcoming Events for 2017

It’s going to be another busy season for us at America’s Best Flowers.

Our indoor Community Egg Hunt will be on Saturday, April 15 this spring.

We’re going to have 15 container workshops this year along with several different types of gardening classes.  Our hope is that we have a little something for everyone.  We’ll have more details about our 2017 events in future newsletters.

Our Kitchen

‘Our Kitchen’ is closed due to enjoying a little too much food over the holiday season. The recipes will start up again in early-to-mid February.