Welcome Back Spring!

Newsletter 12 – Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Lady’s Story – Chapter 34

Hey, I just thought of something!  Remember when I showed ya my new fancy, dancy collar that lights up?  Well, I forgot to show you how it looks in the dark.  Take a look!
Lady wearing an orange collar Click for Larger Image
Now you see me…
An orange streak in the darkness Click for Larger Image
…now you don’t!Pretty cool, huh?~Lady

Get Ready to Plant!
Small Space Gardening Class

Saturday, March 25, 11-Noon

Please join us this Saturday for our first gardening class of the season.  We will show you just how easy it is to grow a vegetable or flower garden in a small area such as a deck, patio, balcony, or a very small yard.Our very own team of Marty and Betty will be sharing their gardening experiences with you.  Plan to join us this Saturday.Pre-registration is not necessary but greatly appreciated, so please give us a call at 608-222-2269 or email Shirley at abfscimino@yahoo.com.
Why do mushrooms get invited to all the vegetable parties?

Because they are such fungis (fun guys, get it?)

More fun classes on Saturday, April 1st!

Vegetable Gardening & Seed Starting Class 10-11Composting Demonstration 11-NoonRose Care Class 1-2Please join us for our gardening demonstrations the first Saturday in April.  Get a head-start and a-heads-up on the whys-and-what-fors involved with planting and growing a successful garden.Come on out to our Cottage Grove location and watch the dirt fly!
Nature is God’s social network.

Fresh Flowers and Plants!

Click for Larger Image
Isn’t it wonderful to receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered right to your door?  The only problem with that is it just doesn’t seem to happen often enough, does it?Well, we can help with that.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower delivery to your home or office or to any other special person in your life!Indulge the flower-lover in you!To order flowers or plants for delivery, for any occasion, just contact us at either our Cottage Grove location at 608-222-2269 or www.americasbestflowers.net or our Edgerton location at 608-884-8120 or 1-888-287-1411 or www.edgertonfloralandgarden.com.Please keep in mind that flower and plant selection may vary between our two locations.
Q: How do you catch a unique bird?

A: Unique up on it.

Bird-sational Bird Baths!

Click for Larger Image
Click for Larger Image
Click for Larger Image
Spring is finally here! It’s time to start planning your spring garden.  We’d like to suggest adding a bird bath or two in your yard.  Bird baths will enhance any area.  They can turn a neglected corner of your yard into a bird sanctuary that will bring you so much enjoyment throughout the year.America's Best Flowers has both glazed and unglazed bird baths and many are ‘Made in the USA.’  We also have some new light weight bird baths this season.  Most of our bird baths have locking tops.  Reminder:  Never pick up a bird bath by the basin/bowl.  Remove the basin/bowl from the pedestal when moving the bird bath.
Q: How do you catch a tame bird?

A: The tame way, unique up on it!

Birds need and appreciate clean water!

Click for Larger Image
Now that you have your beautiful bird bath you’re going to want to keep it nice and clean for the birds.  We have sturdy bird bath brushes that will clean off the seasonal gunk and keep your bird baths a healthy and inviting place for your neighborhood birds to visit.Along with the brush you’ll want to use either Birdbath & Statuary Scrub or Bird Bath & Fountain Scrub to remove mold, dirt, water lines and organic stains from your bird baths and fountains.We also have Bird Bath Fillers that settle in your bird bath to form a safe landing and launching place for birds.  These fillers are smooth and non-porous, which make them easier to clean than natural stones.  Sediment drops below the fillers keeping perching areas clean and fresh.These fillers can also be used in terrariums, tabletop water gardens, and humidity trays for potted plants to rest on.
It never fails…

The garden tool you want is always in the back of the shed!

Bond Brand long-handled garden tools

Bond Fiberglass Round Point Shovel Cli
Bond Fiberglass Drain Spade ck
Bond Length Handled Fibreglass Hoe, Red, 54-Inch Length for
Bond Long Fiberglass Handle 14 Tine Bow Rake lar
Bond 5 Tine Cultivator With Telescopic Handle & Non-Slip Grip ger
Bond Culti-Hoe With Telescopic Handle & Non-Slip Grip image
Bond Garden tools are one of the leading lawn, garden and outdoor tools manufacturers in the industry. So if you are in need of a new shovel, rake or other necessary garden tool, come on out and test drive one at our greenhouse.  We just happen to have dirt and grass for you to play in.These are just a few of what we have available for your gardening needs!

The Edgerton Easter Bunny & Egg Hunt

A cartoon bunny sitting on a pile of decorated easter eggsOur Pink Easter Bunny will be here!
Don’t forget your cameras!
The Edgerton Easter Egg Hunt is at our Edgerton location Saturday, April 8, from 10:00-2:00 PM.  Rain or shine!Bring the kids out for a day of fun and meet our Easter Bunny (also available from 10:00-2:00pm).We’ll have Easter Lilies and pots of spring flowers available for your decorating needs.
BunniesTwo little bunnies, bless their souls,

Go into hiding in their holes,

And they emerge a seething mob,

It must have been an inside job.

The Cottage Grove Easter Bunny & Egg Hunt

A cartoon bunny sitting on a pile of decorated easter eggsOur Pink Easter Bunny will be here!
Don’t forget your cameras!
The Cottage Grove Easter Egg Hunt will be at our Cottage Grove location on Saturday, April 15, from 10:00-Noon.  Rain or shine! Bring the kids out for some fun and meet our Easter Bunny (also available from 10:00-Noon).While you are here why not pick up an Easter lily and pots of spring flowers to decorate your dinner table?Our Cottage Grovelocation will be accepting donations for the Cottage Grove Food Pantry.

Is Your Non-Profit Organization in need of $Funds$?

An America's Best Flowers Gift Card Click for Larger Image
There is still time to participate in our 2017 Spring Fundraiser Program!  People are beginning to think about vegetable gardens, shade trees, flowering shrubs and glorious flowers.   What perfect timing for your non-profit organization to participate in America’s Best Flowers fundraiser program and earn funds for your local charities, mission trips, school equipment, school uniforms, etc.America’s Best Flowers would like to help you succeed with your fundraising efforts! Our SPRING fundraising program runs through April 3, 2017.  We have designed this program to be quick, easy, and profitable.  In as little as 2-3 weeks or less, you can earn substantial money for your group by selling America’s Best Flowers gift cards.What else makes our fundraising program so fabulous?

  • Your group will receive 25% of the total value of America’s Best Flowers gift cards they sell! 
  • Our gift cards are valid at both our Cottage Grove and Edgerton locations!  
  • Our gift cards NEVER EXPIRE!

Click here for more information

Dane Buy Local

Dane Buy Local
America’s Best Flowers has been a proud member of Dane Buy Local, a non-profit organization that helps promote small businesses in the Dane County area for years.  The benefits of shopping locally are many.  It’s not always possible to buy what is needed locally, but when we do it supports our communities, our neighborhoods and independently owned businesses.  For more information on the Dane Buy Local organization we encourage you to visit their website www.danebuylocal.com.
What do you call two young married spiders?

Newly webs.

Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for a short-term seasonal job?   Do you enjoy people and flowers?  If so, we may have the perfect job for you.  We are looking for a few good people to perform cashier duties.  Plant knowledge is preferred for these positions.These job opportunities would be from approximately mid-April thru mid-June.  We are in need of candidates who can work weekends and several days during the week.  The total number of hours per week could be between 24 – 40 hours.Other job duties could consist of stocking and cleaning plants, sweeping floors and corralling run away shopping carts.Another position available is for a Greenhouse Production Associate.  The Greenhouse Production Associate is responsible for all aspects of plant maintenance including but not limited to: watering, moving, shipping, and disposing of all plants while maintaining the quality standards of America’s Best Flowers. Physical stamina is necessary for this position.We are in need of candidates who can work weekends and several days during the week.  This is a 40 hour per week position.If you are interested in either of these employment opportunities please email Marty Robbins at abfrobbins@yahoo.com or Betty Bless at abfbettyb@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Mar 25Small Space Gardening Class (11-Noon)
Pre-Registration Appreciated
Sat, Apr 1Vegetable Gardening & Seed Starting Class (10-11am)
Learn from an expert!
Sat, Apr 1Composting Demonstration (11-noon)
Learn the art of composting.
Sat, Apr 1Rose Care Class (1-2pm)
Planting, pruning & maintenance.
Sat, Apr 8 – Sun, Apr 9Spring Open House
We have your all-time favorite plants plus a few new ones for the season and a HUGE selection of new pottery.
Sat, Apr 8 – Sun, Apr 9Universal Saw & Tool Sharpening (9-3pm)
Get your tools ready for easier gardening.

Our Kitchen – By Bev Wilson

With Easter only a couple of weeks away, it’s time to start planning what culinary delights will be on your table.  One of my favorite TV stations is The Food Network.  I have spent many, many hours watching the show hosts create delectable goodies.  Farmhouse Rules, with Nancy Fuller, is a must see for me.  I think maybe it’s because she lives in an old farmhouse and prepares a lot of good old-fashioned farm fare, taking me back to my own roots.We don’t have access to my Channel 38 in Florida, so each February, when I get back, I go a bit overboard and watch non-stop for a while.  On one of Nancy’s recent episodes, she made Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin.  It got me to thinking about how good it would be for a company dinner.  I’ve copied her recipe below and to make things easier have given you the link to the website where you can click and see just how she did it.  Enjoy!

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Roast

Source: Food Network courtesy of Nancy Fuller
Bacon-Wrapped Pork Roast Click for Larger Image

• One 5-pound boneless pork roast, fat trimmed• 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil• Kosher salt and cracked black pepper• 12 to 15 fresh parsley leaves• 12 to 15 fresh sage leaves• 12 strips bacon• 4 pounds fingerling potatoes• 2 red onions, sliced into 1 1/2-inch julienne


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.Coat the pork with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Arrange the parsley and sage leaves along the top of the roast.Lay the bacon horizontally in a roasting pan, with the strips touching. Set the pork roast in the center of the pan and fold the bacon over to wrap the roast.Add the potatoes and onions to the pan, to border the roast. Transfer to the oven and roast until the bacon is crisp and the pork reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer, about 1 1/2 hours.Transfer the roast to a cutting board and rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Slice and serve with the potatoes and onions.