Hug your Mums!

Newsletter 33 – Thursday, September 29, 2016


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Lady’s Story – Chapter 11

"They’re mums, right? …and mums give hugs, right?"

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When my mom left for work she told my dad that she was going to bring home some ‘moms’.  I was excited all day thinking that some of the cool moms that she works with were going to come over to play.  Makes sense, right?   Wrong!

She brought home flowers!  I’m so confused!


"Give me a hug, Mum!"

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Color Your Fall with Big Beautiful Mums!

Tri-Color Fall Mums between Rains

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It’s not polite to brag, BUT our mums are spectacular! They’ll add brilliant color to your yard, your deck and your front stoop! And get this, the more you buy the more you $AVE!  How’s that for a colorful deal?

We have a good selection of mid and late blooming mums in many shades of white, yellow, gold, bronze, red, lavender, and tri-color.  These huge tri-color mums are absolutely gorgeous this year.  You have to see them to believe how many blossoms they have in each pot.

Change the personality of your home by simply adding a few America’s Best Flower gorgeous mums!

If the music is too loud, you’re too old!

Corn Shocks, Pumpkins & Straw Bales are Here!!

A rare porch scarecrow in its natural environment

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Take advantage of all the decorating tools that our Wisconsin fall offers.  Our brilliant colored mums and asters along with our corn shocks, gourds, and pumpkins will add the perfect seasonal look to any porch or yard. 

To make things even easier, America’s Best Flowers has an Autumn Bundle that includes one of our single-color gorgeous mums, a straw bale, and a bundle of corn shocks, all at special savings.  Add two more single-color mums and save even more.

Our corn shocks are netted (like a Christmas tree) so they can be safely tied to the roof of your vehicle, keeping your car clean and the shocks free from wind damage.  We’ll even provide the twine.

Our supply is limited, so don’t lose out on the chance to have the coolest looking yard on the block!

Don’t Let this Happen to You!

Tulip ‘Golden Apeldoorn’

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Every April, people come to our greenhouse to buy bulbs of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and whatever else they may have seen sprouting in their neighbors’ yard.  Sadly we have to tell them that that is not the way of nature and they will have to wait for fall.  Unfortunately, when fall comes it slips their minds until the next spring, and so on and on and on. 

Let America’s Best Flowers break that vicious cycle!!  We have an excellent selection of spring-blooming bulbs including tulips of all sizes and colors, bright stately daffodilsfragrant hyacinthsextravagant allium, and early crocus in a rainbow of colors. 

It takes a little planning and preparation to have a truly amazing spring flower show in your yard, so make your future-self happy by planting bulbs this fall. And don’t forget the fertilizer!  You will never have another chance to get the fertilizer down below the bulbs, directly in the area where the roots grow.  An application of fertilizer at planting time pays for itself many times over with extra bloom in years to come.

It pretty much comes down to this, if you want spring flowers you need to plant fall bulbs!

I get enough exercise just pushing my luck!

40% Off Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs

This week, all perennials, trees and shrubs are now 40% off!  What a great time to make those landscape changes that you’ve been thinking about!

This is a continuation of our progressive sale, where the percentage off increases by 10% each week. Take advantage of this sale now to allow your plants more time to become established before winter.  Stop out soon to get the best selection available!

This offer excludes mums and asters and is not valid on previous purchases or custom orders.  There is no warranty on plants purchased at special savings of 40% off or more.

All Fruit Trees 50% Off

All remaining fruit trees are 50% off.  Plant now for your very own private supply of fresh fruit for years to come.

Q: Why was the small scarecrow out in the field all day long?
A: He picked the short straw!

Scarecrow Days

Scarecrow stuffing days are here and will continue through October 16.  Stop on out between 10-4 Saturday & Sunday, or 10-4:30 Monday-Friday, and we’ll have a staff member available to assist you in making your very own, one-of-a-kind scarecrow.  You get to do most of the building, and we provide everything you need. And we’ll clean up the mess!

Each scarecrow kit contains a wooden frame, a square of burlap for the head, strings for tying, and a variety of felt faces to choose from, as well as plenty of straw for stuffing the body. We have clothes and hats for purchase at garage sale prices, or you’re welcome to bring your own.

This is a fun time for children and adults alike, as you use your creativity to create a character that is cute, scary, silly, or whatever you choose! You can make a traditional scarecrow with overalls and a straw hat, dress them in your favorite sports team attire, or glitz them up for a fancy party. You can even dress them in a Halloween costume which opens the door for all kinds of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and just have fun!

This is a great time for the whole family or any group! Please call ahead (608)222-2269 for a group of 6 or more people to ensure we have enough staff to help.

Dad: “Can I see your report card, son?”
Son: “I don’t have it.”
Dad: “Why?”
Son: “I gave it to my friend. He wanted to scare his parents.”

Last Flea Market for 2016

Vendor Information

Clean out your garage, basement, and cupboards and bring your treasures out to our last 2016 Flea Market on Saturday, October 15, from 9-4.

This will be an indoor flea market.  Inside space is limited and vendor space is smaller. This inside area is toward the back of our main greenhouse, so vendors will need to transport their items on carts, which we will provide.  We do not allow vehicles inside the greenhouse.

For planning purposes we need to have your registration by 6:00 pm, Monday, October 10.  

The following booth sizes are available:

  • Single booth – 10 ft long x 10 ft deep ($25.00)
  • Double booth – 20 ft long x 8 ft deep ($35.00)

To participate we require a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 or $35.00.  After you arrive and have your space set up, we will present you with a $20.00 America’s Best Flowers gift card.  Each vendor is limited to one $20.00 gift card regardless of the size of booths.

Rain or shine! Set up time is at 8:00 am and the starting bell is at 9.  This event will end at 4.  Vendors will need to bring their own furnishings, tables, chairs, etc.

very limited number of 6 ft. long steel mesh top tables are available if you need a display table. Tables are on a first come first serve basis and you are responsible for covering the steel mesh top. Your display and products MUST fit with-in your designated area. After unloading your vehicle it must be moved to the designated parking area for vendors.

To register please send a check to America’s Best Flowers for the size booth you would like to reserve.  In the memo section of your check please put ‘Flea Market’.  For clarity include a short note stating the size booth, whether or not you need a table and a telephone number and/or email address for contact purposes.

Our mailing address is America’s Best Flowers, 4311 Vilas Hope Road, Cottage Grove, WI 53527

There are a few restrictions on what may be brought to the flea market at our greenhouse.  They are as follows:

  • No firearms or ammunition,
  • No live animals,
  • No flowers and/or plants,
  • No alcohol or tobacco is allowed on America’s Best Flowers’ property.

Remember, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.

If you are interested in joining us or if you have any questions contact Shirley at or call the greenhouse at 608-222-2269.

Q: How do you communicate with a fish?
A: You drop it a line.

Easy Money for Your Non-Profit Organization!

Is your non-profit organization in need of funds?  America’s Best Flowers’ fundraising program begins this fall on October 1 and runs through April 1, 2017.  We have designed it to be quick, easy, and profitable.  In as little as 2-3 weeks or less, you can earn substantial money for your group. 

What else makes our fundraiser so special?

  1. Your group gets 25% of the total value of the America’s Best Flowers gift cards they sell!
  2. Our gift cards are valid at both our Cottage Grove and our Edgerton locations!
  3. America’s Best Flowers gift cards NEVER EXPIRE!

Offer your customer that perfect gift to give for the holidays or any occasion.  To help promote your fundraising efforts be sure to advertise that an America’s Best Flowers gift card may be used to purchase items for the coming holiday season.  We will have beautiful poinsettias, Christmas trees, decorated and undecorated fresh wreaths, holiday hanging baskets, Grab and Go Porch Pots, and much more for your holiday decorating needs.  Many non-profit groups have told us that “America’s Best Flowers’ gift cards almost sell themselves!”

How do you get started?  One way is to take orders for our gift cards.  Your customers make payment directly to your group.  Submit your completed order to us and we will process it.  One check, from your organization, for payment of 75% of the total order will be due when you pick up your gift cards.  Another way is to purchase, in bulk, several different denominations of gift cards to sell at your organization’s activities.  One check, from your organization, for payment of 75% of the total is due when you pick up your bulk order.  Some groups do it both ways! 

All holiday orders must be placed with us on or before Monday, December 12.  The cards will be available for you to pick up in a few days time.  Your orders may be submitted weekly, or all at one time.  If you need a gift card after December 19 just give us a call and we will make arrangements with you.

Learn more about our fundraising program by visiting our website or emailing Shirley at

Q: Why was the girl staring at the carton of orange juice?
A: It said concentrate.

Coming soon to our greenhouse!

We are in a bit of a construction mode at the greenhouse.  We are adding a floral shop to our Cottage Grove location and will soon have fresh cut flowers, floral bouquets, fresh centerpieces and gift ideas for you!  It will make ordering flowers easier for you and delivering flowers easier for us.  If you forget an anniversary or birthday (Yep, it’s happened to us all!) you can simply swing by the greenhouse and pick up fresh flowers and be the hero!

We ask that you please overlook our extra dust and mess as we do our remodeling.  We are hoping to have our floral shop up and running by the holidays!

Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 17 – Sun, Oct 16

Scarecrow Days

Bring family and friends out to build one-of-a-kind scarecrow(s). Sept 17th-Oct 16th, M-F 10-4:30/ Sat-Sun 10-4

Sat, Oct 15

Indoor Flea Market

9am – 4pm Rain or Shine

Sat, Nov 19 – Sun, Nov 20

Holiday Porch Pot Make & Take

9am to 3pm Create a festive porch pot for the holiday season. Pre-Registration Appreciated.

Sun, Nov 27

Christmas Miniature Garden Make & Take

10am to Noon or 1pm to 3pm Create an indoor miniature winter wonderland. Pre-Registration Appreciated.

Sat, Dec 3 – Sun, Dec 4

Holiday Porch Pot Make & Take

9am to 3pm Create a festive porch pot for the holiday season. Pre-Registration Appreciated.

Sun, Dec 4

Holiday Wreath Make & Take

9am to 3pm Create a holiday wreath that will cheerfully welcome all holiday guests. Pre-Registration Appreciated.

Mom, can I have an animal cracker?” asked 3 year old Timmy.
“Sure,” said his mom. “Open up the box, and take a few.”
Forty five minutes later Timmy’s mom walked into the kitchen.
“Timmy, why’d you spill out all of the animal crackers, and what are you looking for?”
“It said on the box not to eat it if the seal is broken.” Timmy replied, “I spilled out the whole box, I looked through all of the animals but I can’t find any seals!”

Our Kitchen

By Lauren

Last week I shared with you a recipe for soup because of the rainy cool weather. This week it’s still rainy and markedly cooler, so I decided to share with you another favorite soup recipe that I make often.

What I love about this soup is that you get a nice creamy texture and taste, without using any cream! Vegetables and beans are pureed to fool you with a rich taste, yet there’s nothing but healthy ingredients that provide more nutrients and fewer calories. As a vegetarian who doesn’t really care for beans all that much, this is also a great way to sneak in extra protein. Filling and full of flavor, this soup really has it all.

I always use canned beans to make this easy. Cannellini beans, aka white kidney beans, can be hard to find in a can, so I usually use Great Northern beans and don’t notice a difference. As usual, I highly recommend using an immersion blender and Imagine brand vegetable broth.

Creamy Kale and Bean Soup


  • 2 cups cannellini beans or 3 cans (14 oz. each) white beans
  • 1 cup cranberry beans or 2 cans (14 oz. each) chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 2 carrots, chopped
  • 2 stalks celery, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp salt
  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 6 cups vegetable broth
  • 1 Parmesan rind (optional)
  • 1 bunch kale (any variety), washed and chopped
  • Grated Parmesan, freshly ground black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil for garnish (optional)
  1. If using dried beans: Let beans soak in cold water overnight. Drain, put in separate pots, cover with water, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook until tender (this will take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on how fresh the dried beans are). Drain each bean and set aside.
  2. In a large pot over medium high heat, add the olive oil and onion. Stir to combine. Add the carrots, celery, garlic, and salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are soft, about 5 minutes.
  3. Add broth, white beans, and Parmesan rind. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook until vegetables are very tender, about 10 minutes.
  4. Remove Parmesan rind. Using a blender, food processor, or immersion blender, puree the soup (you will need to do this in batches if you’re not using an immersion blender). Add the cranberry beans or chickpeas and chopped kale. Stir to combine and cook until flavors combine and the kale is tender about 10 minutes. Add more salt to taste, if you like.
  5. Serve hot, topped with grated Parmesan, freshly ground black pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil, if you like.