Iris Divide & Swap … and Sale!

Newsletter 26 – Thursday, August 11, 2016


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Mon-Fri 9-7
Sat & Sun 9-5

Edgerton location open

Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30
Sat 8:30-5:00
Sun 9-4

Lady’s Story – Chapter 4

I was just waking up from my early mid-morning nap when I heard my mom and dad talking quietly.

‘She isn’t Lucy! Lady may not enjoy it like Lucy did!’ I heard my dad whisper.

‘We’ll never know unless we try!’  A few minutes later my mom called out, ‘Lady, come on in here will you?’

Sure thing, mom!  Uh, oh, my mom is in that little room where they keep endless amounts of water.  Gotta say right here and now…I’m not a fan of lots and lots of water! A nice bowl of fresh water is all I need!  And my water bowl is definitely NOT in that little room.  Something’s up, nope…not feeling good about this.

‘Come here little girl!  This may feel a little weird at first, but I think you’re gonna like it.  Just give it a try, okay?’

Well, I love my mom and all, but I kept thinking about what my dad said about ‘not enjoying it’.  The question that is surging through my mind is ‘What is IT?’ My heart is pounding, but yet, I go forward with trust (and, yes, a little fear)!

My mom starts talking softly to me about ‘every girl needs to freshen up in the morning.  Lucy used to love this, so I thought you might enjoy it too.’

Oh, I’m thinking to myself ‘Hey, if Lucy liked it then I’m sure I…WHAT THE HECK!  Something WET is on my head! Get it off of me!  Please stop!

Lady standing under a blanket

“Hey, who turned off the lights…?”

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Lady attempting to leave the bathroom

“I’m outta here!”

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Then my mom starts to oh-so-gently rub this warm WET thing over my face and head.  I don’t think so!  See ya!  I spin around and make a dash for the door and ah, then, I stopped. Actually, this doesn’t feel half bad.  Every morning, ya say?  Hmmm…

“Ah, wait a minute…this feels kinda good. Can we talk about this?”

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“Now, I get it!”

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I may be a little set in my ways, but I learned a valuable lesson this morning and I want to share it with the world. Don’t be afraid if your mom comes at you with a warm wet towel…it could be the best morning of your life!


Iris Divide & Swap Is Back

Saturday, August 13th 11-12 noon

Who doesn’t love the delicate, yet showy blossoms of an iris? Classically beautiful, it blooms for years on end, then it’s time to divide and you’re rewarded with even more plants! It truly is the plant that keeps on giving.

Our popular Iris Divide & Swap event returns this Saturday, August 13th from 11-12. This is an opportunity for you to divide your iris clumps and swap varieties with fellow gardeners! This event has been well attended in years’ past and is a great way to grow your iris collection.

Bring your iris clumps, a sharp knife, scissors, a Sharpie and a pair of gloves and our perennial manager, Margaret Elmore, will discuss how to correctly divide your iris. In the process, we’ll teach you how to check for iris borer. Once the clumps are divided, the swapping begins!

If possible, please try to note the color and/or varieties of the iris you bring, and be sure to bring as many as you’d like. The more iris varieties, the more swapping fun to be had!

Saturday, August 13th
Iris & Daylilies – 30% Off

It’s time to stock up!  This Saturday ONLY– our Iris and Daylilies in gallon pots are 30% off!  Iris and Daylilies are a must have in every garden.  They are so easy to care for and year after year offer a stunning display of beauty.  Take a look at all the varieties available!

Our Iris varieties include:

  • Japanese Iris – Lion King and Pink Lady
  • Louisiana Iris – Anne Chowning
  • Bearded Iris – Immortality, Harvest of Memories, Orange Harvest, Superstition, Wine Festival, Victoria Falls and Summer Olympics

We also have some dwarf iris in 5” square pots that are Buy 2 Get 1 Free.  These include Baby Boo, Sun Doll and Little Wine Cup.

This special is available at our Cottage Grove location only and applies to remaining in-stock items only (no special orders or other discounts apply).



Wine Festival Bearded Iris

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Victoria Falls Bearded Iris

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Tall Bearded Iris – Summer Olympics

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Fruit Trees – 50% Off

Now through next Wednesday, all of our fruit trees are 50% off and many are loaded with fruit.  We have a nice variety for you to choose from.

  • Apple trees – Haralred, Haralson, Winecrisp, Urban Apple – Tasty Red, Urban Apple – Tangy Green, Urban Apple – Golden Treat
  • Pear trees – Asian, Parker, Ure, Tawara Oriental
  • Cherry trees – Northstar, Black Tafarian, Lapin’ Sweet Cherry
  • Peach trees – Red Haven, Elberta
  • Plum trees – Toka, Superior

All Annual Flowering Hanging Baskets – 50% Off

All 10 and 12” annual blooming hanging baskets are 50% off.  We have lovingly cared for these all summer so they would be ready to make your patio beautiful now.

This does not include houseplants, succulents, foliage or any 8” hanging baskets.

Humor is a reminder that no matter how high the throne one sits on,
one sits on one’s bottom.


All Jam & Jelly Plants – 50% Off

Our Berry and Grape Plants are 50% off!  There’s nothing like having your own fresh, homegrown berries and grapes. They simply taste better! These plants will produce berries for years to come, making this a fantastic deal!

We have limited quantities of the following:

  • Blackberry – Triple Crown
  • Blueberry – Bluecrop & Patriot
  • Goji Berry
  • Grape – Fredonia (Black), Seedless Concord (Blue), and Reliance (Red)
  • Raspberry – Fall Gold

A compromise is an agreement whereby both parties get what neither of them wanted.

Author Unknown

All Water Plants – 50% Off

Take advantage of our 50% off sale on ALL water plants!  We have Rain Lily, Variegated Sweet Flag, Water Orchid, Blue Spiral Rush or Canna Lily (orange, yellow or pink), available.

The cannas in the collection are absolutely beautiful.  All these plants need to be happy is regular waterings.  They don’t necessarily need to be in a pond environment.  And the best thing, these bulbs can be saved, with very little effort, from year to year.

Buy one – get one FREE!
Buddleia-Butterfly Bushes

‘Black Knight’ Butterfly Bush

‘Petite Purple’ Butterfly Bush

Click for Larger Image

The Butterfly Bush is a wonderful flowering shrub that will add not only color to your yard, but butterflies and hummingbirds as well.

In addition to the Black Knight and Petite Purple colors pictured above, we also have Royal Red, Bi-color, and Magenta.

Enjoy the wonderful fragrance and long-lasting blooms of the Butterfly Bush from now through the fall.  It’s a win-win for all…man, butterflies and hummingbirds.

In Addition…

All remaining perennials, in 4-5” square pots, are on sale.  Buy 2 and get 1 free (of equal or lesser value).  We have some very nice plants left, including, but not limited to, astilbe, columbine, ferns, hops, sedum (both tall and carpet types), perennial geraniums, campanula, dianthus and spiderwort.  Also included are groundcovers from our Hocus Pocus collection, as well as lamium, vinca, ajuga and pachysandra.

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

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It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Hand-picked daily!

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Our fingerling eggplant, sweet peppers, chili peppers, cherry tomatoes and Hungarian hot peppers are fresh and delish!  Stop by and pick some up for the weekend!

The fewer rules a coach has, the fewer rules there are for players to break.

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Art in the Garden – Vendor Information

Calling all artists!! Our annual Art in the Garden event (Sat, Sept. 10, 2016, 9-3) is a great way to display your handmade or semi-handmade items and get some exposure! Display and sell your crafts, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat with folks about your fine or funky works of art. We welcome a variety of mediums and styles to make this event really special!

Won’t you join us! If you’d like to know more about becoming a vendor, click here.

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2016 Flea Market Schedule and Information

Sept 17SaturdayFlea Market 9am – 3pm – Rain or Shine
Oct 15SaturdayFlea Market (Indoors) 9am – 3pm – Rain or Shine

Do you have clutter taking over your home? Taking over your life?! We have the perfect way for you to unload some of your “extra items” and make a profit too! Bring any collectibles, decorations, furniture, tools, knick-knacks, paddy whacks, whatever! Bring anything other than the few items on our short list, which can be found in our Flea Market Vendor Information.

Upcoming Events

Sat, Aug 13
Iris Divide & Swap

11am-12pm Swap your iris divisions with fellow gardeners! Bring in your iris clumps, and everyone will divide, check for iris borer, and exchange some of their divisions for divisions brought in by other attendees.

Sat, Sep 10
Art in the Garden Craft Fair

9:00 am – 3:00 pm Talented artists display and sell their unique items.

Sat, Sep 17
Flea Market

9:00 am – 3:00 pm Rain or Shine

Sat, Sep 17
Rose Winterization Class

9:30am – 10:30am

Sat, Sep 17 – Sun, Oct 16
Scarecrow Days

Bring family and friends out to build one-of-a-kind scarecrow(s). Sept 17th-Oct 16th, M-F 10-4:30/ Sat-Sun 10-4

Sat, Sep 17
Learn how to Create a Spring Bulb Garden

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Our Kitchen

By Lauren

So far this summer I’ve been lucky to attend a few bonfires, but I’ve yet to have a S’more. It seems about time, and since I don’t have a fire pit, an ice box cake will do the trick! This recipe from Betty Crocker is a simple and cool dessert, perfect for summer!

S’mores Ice Box Cake

  • 1 ½ cups prepared chocolate pudding, cooled completely
  • 1 ½ cups whipping cream
  • 1 cup marshmallow crème
  • 1 box (14.4 oz) graham crackers
  • 1 cup miniature marshmallows
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • ½ cup hot fudge ice cream topping

1. Line 9×5-inch loaf pan with plastic wrap, allowing wrap to extend up and over all sides of pan.

2. In medium bowl, beat 1 1/2 cups whipping cream with electric mixer on high speed until stiff peaks form. Fold in marshmallow creme.

3. To make Cake, spread about 1/2 cup whipped cream mixture in bottom of pan, spreading as evenly as possible. Top with layer of graham crackers, overlapping slightly if needed. Spread 3/4 cup pudding over graham crackers. Top with another layer of graham crackers. Spread 3/4 cup whipped cream mixture over crackers. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup of the marshmallows. Top with another layer of graham crackers. Continue layering, pudding, graham crackers, whipped cream mixture, marshmallows, graham crackers, pudding and then graham crackers. If needed, press cake down in pan. Top with remaining whipped cream mixture. Cover top with plastic wrap; refrigerate at least 12 hours before serving.

4. Before serving, remove plastic wrap from top of cake. Place serving platter upside down over pan; turn platter and pan over. Remove pan; peel off plastic wrap.

5. In medium bowl, whip 1 cup whipping cream and the powdered sugar with electric mixer on high speed until stiff peaks form. Frost cake with whipped cream.

6. In small microwavable bowl, microwave hot fudge topping on High about 15 seconds or just until drizzling consistency. Drizzle over top of cake. Crumble remaining graham crackers; sprinkle over top. Store in refrigerator.