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Newsletter 11

Newsletter 11 – May 14, 2009


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“God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying ‘Ah!’” Joseph Campbell


Container-Mania is back!

This weekend is our second Container Workshop of the season.  Saturday, May 16 and Sunday May 17th from 10AM-4PM you may once again plant your containers in our potting shed area and we’ll not only clean up the mess, but offer FREE soil and assistance. It doesn’t get much better than this. Bring in your own pots, or purchase some from our outstanding selection of stoneware beauties. We suggest you plant into a liner which will sit inside the pot for your larger pieces. It becomes so very easy to change the pot seasonally. So, contain yourself! We hope to see you this weekend. Remember, the least busy time is Sunday morning before noon.

Camp Counselor: ‘How did you get that horrible swelling on you nose?’

Jimmy: ‘I bent over to smell a brose.’

Camp Counselor: ‘There’s no b in rose.’

Jimmy: ‘There was in this one!’. Joke 1

And While You’re Here

If you love roses, but lack the confidence to grow them, you won’t want to miss our Rose Workshop Saturday, May 16th at 10AM another FREE ABF QUICK CLASS that will teach you selection, planting, pruning and caring for your Wisconsin grown roses. Sharon Stickford will truly help you simplify your rose gardening. We get so many phone questions regarding roses, and each year we encourage people to attend this spring class. They’re never sorry they did. Join us in our meeting room. You might just WIN the 2009 Rose of the Year! Attend the class and you can enter a drawing to win a beautiful Cinco de Mayo rosebush, a $29.99 value. Afterwards, why not plant your container at our workshop?

Featured PlantCinco de Mayo Rose

Impossible to categorize as any single flower color, this wildly bright floribunda offers giant clusters of blooms containing every shade of red, orange, magenta, purple, smoke, and more! Each flower is unique, and a fully blooming shrub is a conflagration of festive colors, enhanced by a fresh-cut apple fragrance you will love. Just the right size for a low hedge, large containers, or mass planting, Cinco de Mayo is the standout in any garden setting. Blend of shades of rust-red and lavender smoke.

Counselor: ‘Now this is a dogwood tree’

Camper: ‘How can you tell?’

Counselor: ‘By its bark.’ Joke 2

Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is bigger than ever this season.  In fact, we had to discourage a lot of you who wanted to buy and plant your tomatoes during the warm spell we had in mid-April! Just wait a few more weeks, we pleaded. But it’s hard to beat spring fever.

If you are fairly new to veggie gardening, or simply want a few pointers and a quick refresher course, be sure to attend our Vegetable Gardening; Tomatoes and More, on Saturday, May 23rd at 10AM. This class will be led by Brian Emerson of the Ag Research Station. All attendees will receive a complimentary 4 pack of Wisconsin 55 Tomatoes!

What happened to the camper who swallowed a flashlight?

He hiccupped with delight. Joke 3

Al’s Pick of the Week

While the gorgeous containers Sharon picked last week were chosen for their beauty, this week’s choice was selected more on the basis of potential and value.  We have just received a shipment of small Proven Winners shrubs.  Some of these hard-to-find varieties are new this year, including Double Play Spirea, Ghost Wiegela, Vanilla Spice Clethra, and Cityline Mars, Cityline Rio, and Incrediball Hydrangeas.

Returning this year is the ever popular Sambucus Black Lace, a cut-leaf elderberry often thought of as a ‘poor-man’s’ version of the Japanese Maple. This extremely hardy shrub offers color, texture and variety to your landscape. Another standby is Rhamnus Fine Line, a deer-resistant, non-invasive buckthorn, which is drought tolerant and provides fall and winter interest.  Hardy to minus 50, Fine Line makes a fast-growing hedgerow for a privacy screen or windbreak.

All of these young plants are easy to carry home, easy to plant and easy to get established in your home landscape; while carrying the additional benefit of being really easy on your wallet.  The only requirement for the gardener is patience.  But if you incorporate a generous amount of mushroom compost and Soil Moist into the hole when you plant and use a root stimulator and fertilize regularly, they will grow surprisingly fast.  Stop out today and see our selection.  A few years down the road, you’ll really be glad you did!

Counselor: ‘Why do bees hum?

Jimmy: ‘They don’t know the words.’ Joke 4


May 16               Rose Workshop at 10 AM.  If you have questions about roses, you won’t want to miss this one.  Our own Sharon Stickford, past president of the Madison Rose Society, will simplify rose gardening and show you just how easy growing and caring for them can be. HONEST!

May 16, 17 & 23  Container Workshop from 10-4 each day. If you’ve never attended, you may be surprised that we provide FREE SOIL AND ASSISTANCE and clean up the mess!  

May 23                  Easy Vegetable Gardening, Tomatoes and More! 10AM. Vegetable gardening is back!  People have rededicated themselves to growing their own veggies. In addition to providing delicious fresh produce, other benefits include the therapeutic effects of working the soil, which clears your mind; the physical exercise, which strengthens your body; and the calming effect of watching your garden grow, which is a tonic for your soul. We invite you to learn gardening shortcuts and tips from Brian Emerson of the Madison Agricultural Research Station.

Next week’s newsletter will have details for the weekend of May 30-31. In the meantime mark your calendars:

Saturday, May 30    10AM Herb Class &

                                  Herb Fest 11-2 Herb Bread  & Oil samples FREE recipes

Sunday, May 31       1PM Hosta Workshop

We will have free classes continuing throughout the season, along with more Make and Take Workshops.  Our goal is to hold events that are interesting and helpful to our customers. Remember to give us your input.  We’re listening!

How do you communicate with a fish?

Drop him a line.” Joke 5

Bonnie’s Kitchen


This is a cake that everyone seems to love, and a good one to take to potlucks. It’s a bit too sweet for my liking, but most people don’t seem to agree with me. It actually is called Butterfinger Cake, but I use Heath bars.

Heath Bar Cake

1 box German Chocolate cake

4-5 Heath bars, crushed

1 jar Mrs. Richardson’s Caramel topping

1 can Eagle brand sweetened condensed milk

8 ounce container Cool Whip

Bake cake according to package directions

As soon as cake is done, poke holes 1” apart all over the top with end of wooden spoon. Immediately pour condensed milk all over top of cake, making sure to get it into holes also. Follow with the caramel topping. Cover and refrigerate.

Before serving, spread with Cool Whip and sprinkle with crushed candy bars. Butterfingers may be substituted for the Heath bars.

Nature Counselor: ‘Birds, though small, are remarkable creatures.

For example, what can a bird do that I can’t do?’

Susie: ‘Take a bath in a teacup.’ joke 6



May the Holy Spirit Guide You!  God Bless
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