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Newsletter 9 – May 15,2008 Events  The Kitchen Container Workshop


“If you choose a job that you like,

you will never have to work a day in your life.”-Confucius



Years ago, every yard on the block had a vegetable garden.  Then came the supermarket, followed by the farmer’s market, and the need for fresh produce was met elsewhere.  In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in vegetable gardening.  Due in part to our desire to have more control of what goes into our food, as well as to reconnect with the pleasure of watching the garden grow.

If you, too, would like to have homegrown vegetables to serve your family, we have a treat for you this Saturday, May 17.  At 10 am, Brian Emerson from the Agricultural Research Station will be with us to present “Vegetable Gardening, Tomatoes and More.”  This FREE Ask-the-Expert class is being offered to teach you how to be successful with your vegetable garden.  This class is for all gardeners, whether you’ve truck-gardened for years or plan to plant your first tomato plant this year.  America’s Best is privileged to have Brian with us, please bring your family and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


What did one tomato say to the other?

You go on ahead, and I’ll ketchup joke 1



In America it seems that almost all gatherings are centered around food.  Even here at the greenhouse, we feed you.  Open House featured hot dogs and popcorn; Salsa Sunday, we had chips and salsa, and this weekend is no exception.  Celebrate Herb Fest with us from 11 – 2 this Saturday, May 17, and you can feast on herb breads and herb-infused dipping oils.   This annual event is so fun because it gives us the opportunity to show you how easy it is to add variety to your meals, just by snipping a few herbs right from your own garden.

We hold this event in conjunction with our Container Workshop (see below) so you can choose a selection of your favorite herbs, pick out a pot and plant it up while you’re here.  Beautiful herb planters serve you in two ways.  Not only do they provide a source of herbs for cooking, but they are an attractive addition to any patio or deck.  With FREE soil and assistance being offered this Saturday and Sunday, you can’t go wrong. If you would like to bring your own pot, please do, the soil and help is still free.


A little tomato who knows her onions can go out with an old potato

and come home with a lot of lettuce and a couple of carats!joke 2



This weekend, May 17 and 18, America’s Best Flowers will have our second Container Workshop of the year.  These fabulous events offer you the opportunity to have FREE expert assistance, as well as FREE soil for your patio containers.  Two weekends ago, we had a tremendous turnout.  It never fails to amaze me how creative you all are.  Each container is so uniquely beautiful because each individual planting them has our entire selection of containers and plants to choose from.  To participate, all you have to do is pick a container, or bring in your own, and select your favorite plants from the thousands we offer.  Then we help you plant them.  It’s that simple.  No fuss, no mess!!!  And when your neighbors rave about your pots, you can truthfully say, “Oh, it’s just a little something I planted up.”


If you can’t make it out this weekend, but would like help with your custom planters, our customer service department will be happy to help.  You can come in and plant your own at our potting boutique with free assistance from our staff; for which there will be a nominal charge for soil in addition to the cost of the plants and container.  Or we will design and plant it for you, for an additional charge.  However you decide to do it, now is the time to get planting so you can enjoy your containers all summer long.

For the next few weekends we will be open from 8 am to 8 pm on Saturday and from 9 am to 6 PM on Sunday – Mon – Fri we are here from 9 am to 8 pm.  We suggest you shop early in the day before we get busy.  We’ll have more time to spend with you.  Hope to see you soon!


Why did the tomato blush?

Because it saw the salad dressing! joke 3



Are you having a grub problem?  Grubs are those nasty little creatures that grow into all kinds of pests, like the dreaded Asiatic and Japanese beetles.  If so, we have the answer – Bayer Advanced Grub Control. These ready-to-spread granules will kill grubs all-season long while it revitalizes your lawn, by promoting new growth. Our staff recommends the entire Bayer Advanced line because we get so much positive feedback from our customers. The Bayer Company (yes, one of their divisions does make aspirin) has one of the best scientific research departments in the industry, and is usually WAY ahead of the competition. When you have a few moments, take the time to read their labels. Many of these product will handle more than one gardening dilemma!


How do you fix a broken tomato?

With tomato paste!Joke 4


Easy Care Planters

If you are gone from home a lot, or are planning extended weekends away, check out our Garden Artist’s Easy Care Planters.  These attractive pots eliminate watering guesswork.  Not only do they water your plants while you’re gone, they prevent overwatering by providing constant moisture directly to the root system.  You simply fill the reservoir at the base of the pot, and your plants are good to go for up to a week at a time.  Easy Care Planters are available in several sizes and colors, and I’m sure you can find just the right ones for your needs.  Our special pricing allows savings on multiple quantities. Buy two or more and save.


Why did the tomato go out with a prune?

Because she couldn’t find a date!joke 5



Pinto Geraniums

Pinto geraniums are an outstanding choice for gardens and landscapes.  This remarkably uniform variety dominates the market for their performance, displaying large, full flower-heads all season long.  Masses of flowers guarantee continued color in your landscape. We have attended performance trials throughout the United States, and the Pinto geranium has repeatedly displayed the best outdoor performance of any geranium.

America’s Best has a great selection of these favorites ready for your garden.  They are available in two sizes.  Our #5 pots, which are available in house 3, are $4.99 each, buy 10 or more $3.99, buy 50 or more for only $2.99.  Our square black pots are $3.99, if you buy 10 or more they are $2.99.


The faucet, lettuce and tomato were in a race.  What happened?

The faucet was running, the lettuce was ahead,

And the tomato was trying to ketchup! joke 6



May 17, Saturday at 10 am “Vegetable Gardening, Tomatoes and More” another FREE ‘Ask-the-Expert’ class led by Brian Emerson of the Agricultural Research Station.  Join Brian and learn how to get the most out of your vegetable garden.

May 17, Saturday 10 – 2, Herb Fest, with FREE herbal bread samples, recipes and herb-infused dipping oil samples.

May 17 & 18, Is our next Container Workshop from 10 – 4.  Remember that you get FREE soil and assistance, and we clean up the mess!  You turned out in droves for our first one and we remind you to come early to beat the rush.

May 20 at 6:30 pm, FREE ‘Ask-the-Expert’ How to Select & Care For Your Roses with Sharon Stickford.

May 22 at 6 pm, FREE ‘Ask-the-Expert’ Pond and Container Water Gardening seminar by Jan Vergeer.  Check out many new varieties.

As the year progresses, we promise you many more exciting surprises, including our July 4th Celebration, when we have FREE ice cream for everyone.

Our goal is to hold events that are interesting and helpful to our customers. If you have ideas for events, please let us know.  You can email us at ed@americasbestflowers.com or call 608-222-2269.


Why did Mrs. Tomato turn red?

She saw Mr. Green Pea! joke 7



We wanted to give you a tomato recipe this week since we’re celebrating Tomato Days at ABF. But since those yummy, juicy and oh-so-good garden tomatoes are not yet available; this recipe tastes great with the on-the-vine tomatoes that you can buy now. They make a super accompaniment for anything from burgers to steaks, chicken, or fish. Not a blue cheese fan??? Substitute your favorite. Mozzarella and feta work nicely!

Cheesy Grilled Tomatoes

2 large tomatoes

1/3 c crumbled blue cheese

1 T olive oil

1 T chopped fresh basil

2 T grated Parmesan cheese

Heat grill. Cut tomatoes in half. Using a small spoon, scoop out seeds from seed cavities. Fill the cavities with blue cheese. Drizzle tomatoes with oil; sprinkle with basil and parmesan cheese. Place them cut side up, in disposable foil pie pan or on piece of heavy-duty foil.

When ready to grill, place pie pan on gas grill over medium heat or on charcoal grill 4-6” from medium coals.  Cook 15 minutes or until tomatoes are thoroughly heated and begin to soften.

Hope to see you at our Herb Fest Saturday from 10-2PM. We’ll be sampling breads and giving out FREE recipes. If you can’t join us, here is a basic herb bread recipe that is oh-so-delicious.

Herb Bread

From Diana Rattray

1 c warm water

1 beaten egg

1 t salt

2 t sugar

2 T olive oil

2 T fresh rosemary, snipped (or 2 t dried)

1 T EACH dried oregano and basil ( or 1 t each dried)

3 c flour

2 t bread machine yeast

Place in bread machine according to machine instructions (or if you  make  bread by hand, you already know what to do). A few minutes into kneading, check that the dough is the consistency that you want, add any flour or extra water that you need (I usually find I need a little bit of flour).

Bonnie’s note: I usually use whole wheat flour.


A small boy was looking at the red ripe tomatoes growing in the farmer’s garden. “I’ll give you my two pennies for that tomato,’ said the boy pointing to a beautiful, large, ripe fruit hanging on the vine.

“No,’ said the farmer, “I get a dime for a tomato like that one.”

The small boy pointed to a smaller green one, “Will you take two pennies for that one?”

“Yes,” said the farmer, “I’ll give you that one for two cents.”

“Ok,” said the lad, sealing the deal by putting the coins in the farmer’s hand, “I’ll pick it up in about a week.”. joke 8


May the Holy Spirit Guide You!  God Bless
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