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Newsletter 30

Newsletter 30 – October 9, 2008


Pumpkin Carving Contest    Improve Air Quality at Home  Declare War on Japanese Beetles for 2009    Barbequed Worm Sandwiches Recipe



“Even if something is left undone,

everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn

 Elizabeth Lawrence


Ready, Set, CARVE!

To add a little fun to the season, America’s Best Flowers is sponsoring a Pumpkin Carving Contest for kids of all ages.  It’s easy to enter.  Just pick up an entry blank when you buy a pumpkin at America’s Best, carve or decorate your pumpkin, and bring your creation back by Sunday, October 19 for judging.  Pumpkins can be carved, painted, or decorated in any crafty way you like.  Everyone who enters will receive a prize, with special prizes going to the winners.  Prizes will be provided by Papa Jimmy’s Pizzeria, Door Creek Pharmacy, Subway, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut and The Bank of Sun Prairie. Pumpkins can be picked up after the contest beginning October 21.

Although carving a pumpkin is not rocket science, a little pre-planning will really increase your success.  Visit http://www.pumpkincarving101.com/ for ideas.


What is Dracula’s favorite kind of coffee?

Decoffinated. joke 1


Fall Perfection

Nothing says ‘Fall’ like the chrysanthemum.  America’s Best Flowers is known for our home-grown mums.  The late season varieties are available now and they are absolutely huge.  These plants are simply covered with buds and flowers. A terrific value at our regular price of 11.99, they become a tremendous one when you buy them in quantity.

Buy 1- 4 Mums     Pay 9.59 each

Buy 5- 9 Mums     Pay 7.99 each

Buy 10-19 Mums       Pay 6.99 each

Buy Over 20 Mums           Pay 5.99 each

HURRY OUT!  At these prices they won’t last long!


Where do ghosts keep their cars?

In a mirage . joke 2


New this year at America’s Best is the ‘Frost-Kissed’ mum.

We start with a perfect mum, add a little floral magic and the result is a shimmering masterpiece.  Stop out today for a peek.


Why did the witch stand up in front of the audience?

She had to give a screech.joke 3


DECLARE WAR on Japanese Beetles for 2009 

2008 was a good year for Japanese Beetles.  Unfortunately, that means there will be a lot of them in 2009. Preferred tree hosts include linden, maple, birch, elm, mountain ash, apple, crabapple, cherry, plum, peach, as well as purple-leaf plants such as sandcherry.   If you have any of these trees or shrubs on your property, you can get a jumpstart on the control of Japanese Beetles by applying a drench of Bonide Tree & Shrub Insect Control with Systemaxx this fall.

When applied as a soil drench near the drip-line of the tree, this control will be absorbed throughout the entire tree by the time the beetles hatch next year.  One application kills insects, and prevents new infestations for an entire year. Simple to use, just mix and pour.  Bonide Tree & Shrub Insect Control also controls bronze birch borers and emerald ash borers, as well as aphids, leaf miners, leaf hoppers, mealy bugs and scale.

To help you get started in your war with these insects, America’s Best Flowers is offering you $4.00 savings per bottle on this great product.  Regularly 23.99, through October you pay only 19.99.   Come on out today and pick up enough to treat all of your trees.  Next summer, you’ll be ever so glad you did!!!


What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?

Neck-tarines. joke 4


Improve the Air Quality of your Home

Houseplants benefit us in so many ways.  Often chosen for the color and texture they add to a room, houseplants are a beautiful addition to any home.  Nothing helps create a pleasant, relaxed mood faster than the addition of a few plants.

Whether you choose the graceful beauty of a Boston fern, the brilliant foliage of wandering jews, or the simplicity of a philodendron, plants will improve the tone of your room.

Research has shown that the benefits of indoor plants go far beyond decorative.  Studies have shown that people living in homes and offices with plants have fewer problems with stress-related illnesses.  The group also had lower blood pressure than those living without plants.

Click here to learn how Indoor house plants remove toxins from the air  

For more information on how plants can make your home happier and healthier, visit http://www.plantea.com/houseplants.htm

America’s Best Flowers has beautiful indoor plants for you to choose from.  For a limited time you can save 20% on all our houseplants.  Stop out today and take home a ‘breath of fresh air’ that will last all year.


What is in the red blood cells of monsters?

Hemogoblin! joke 5


Plan Ahead for Your Pottery Needs

A few weeks ago we mentioned that our preliminary forays into ordering for 2009 had prepared us for significant price increases in pottery for next year.  Since then we have been working directly with our suppliers, getting the best deals out there so you can enjoy a wide selection of moderately priced pottery next year.  Our hard work has paid off, and we are excited about the choices available and look forward to showing it off next spring.

The prices, however, will be going up.  Mostly due to increases in transportation costs, we expect a 20 to 40 percent jump.  To avoid paying these increased costs, we suggest that you come out today and take a look at our remaining pottery inventory.  We still have some very nice pieces left, and when compared to what will be available in the spring, they are a very good value indeed.


What did the cannibal get when he comes home late for dinner?

The cold shoulder. joke 6



This is such a fun time of year to cook for the kiddies. And I can always rely on the Pillsbury website to give me lots and lots of ideas. These two are terrific and not only fun, but easy to make.

Barbequed Worm Sandwiches

8 hot dogs cut lengthwise into 6 strips

½ cup barbeque sauce

8 slices American cheese

8 hamburger buns, toasted

In a 10” nonstick skillet, heat hot dog strips over medium high heat until strips begin to curl.

Gently stir in barbeque sauce until hot dog strips are coated. Heat until bubbly.

Place cheese on bottom half of bun, then hot dog mixture, arranging so it looks like worms are sticking out and cover with top half of bun.

Jack-o’-Lantern Sloppy Joe Pie

Try this fun Halloween pot pie made with turkey sausage and topped with a ready-made pie crust!

1 refrigerator pie crust

1 ½ bulk turkey sausage (I would use ground turkey)

1 medium onion, chopped (1/2 cup)

1 cup frozen corn

1 cup chunky salsa

½ cup chili sauce

2 T packed brown sugar

1 can (4.5 oz.) chopped green chilies

2 T chopped fresh cilantro (you may wish to omit it if serving to children)

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Remove crust from pouch, put on ungreased cookie sheet, unroll crust.

With sharp knife, cut jack-o-lantern face from crust. If desired, place cutouts on crust to decorate, securing each with small amount of water (don’t forget the stem).Bake 9-11 minutes, or until crust is a light golden brown.

Meanwhile in a 10” nonstick skillet, cook sausage and onion over medium-high heat 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently, until sausage is no longer pink. Stir in remaining ingredients except cilantro. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer uncovered 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until corn is cooked and sauce is desired consistency.

Stir cilantro into sausage mixture. Carefully place warm baked pie crust over turkey mixture in skillet.  For more Halloween recipes visit the Pillsbury website at: http://www.pillsbury.com/Search/SearchResults.aspx?terms=halloween&tab=Recipes

Who were the werewolves cousins?

The whatwolves and the whenwolves.joke 7


Here are some more silly riddles for you:

What did the baby ghost eat for dinner?

A boo-loney sandwich.  Joke 8

What is a witch with poison ivy called?

An itchy witchy.  joke 9

What kind of hot dogs do werewolves list best?

Hollowieners joke 10

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?

No, they eat the fingers separately. joke 11

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?

Frostbite  joke 12

What performers do vampires enjoy the most at the circus?

The jugulars.  joke 13

Do witches stay home on weekends?

No.  They go away for a spell.  joke 14

Why did the Vampire subscribe to the Wall Street Journal?

He heard it had great circulation.  joke 15

May the Holy Spirit Guide You!  God Bless
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