Newsletter 22

    We also have lots of pumpkins, in all sizes, as well as Indian corn, straw bales, corn shocks, and other fun decorations for your Halloween displays!

    It?s getting to be that time!. By starting early, you?ll have everything taken care of well before its cold and all that white stuff starts piling up. (And in Wisconsin, you never know when that?ll happen!) Time to face it! Now is the time to do a little clean up outside.

    One of the more important things to take care of is to remove all the dead foliage. That will reduce the habitats for over wintering pests and diseases. Pull out the dead annuals, trim back the foliage on most of your perennials and throw them in the compost pile. Pull your veggie plants out of the garden. I recommend throwing those in the trash or burning them so you don?t add diseases to your compost supply.

    After getting those areas cleaned up, you now have an excellent opportunity to enrich the soil for the next season. By adding a thin layer of compost to your perennial, annual, and vegetable areas now, you allow it to slowly breakdown over winter and assimilate into the soil in time for spring. Better soil results in better plants!

    Another excellent task to complete this fall is to mulch any exposed soil. Bare soil exposed to the elements all winter will lose a lot of valuable nutrients and structure. Cover those areas with a layer of leaves, bark, or pine needles, to protect against damaging weather. And as always with mulching, it?s a fun way to have the kids help out, (though it?s sometimes hard to get them to put the leaves where you want them!)

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