Newsletter 18

    Wow! Carol and I have just completed another 8,000 mile trip in a Ford Escort Wagon, looking for great plants. We now have a total of 205,000 miles.on the car. When you talk to friends tell them you shop at a place where the owners are fanatics about plants.

    Remind your friends that we grow most of our plants so we can grow them right. Two acres of greenhouses you know.

    We add composted bark to our soil mix so it shrinks a lot less. This means a lot easier watering for you. We have all seen the 1/2 inch gap between the soil and the wall of a basket when it dried out and the soil mix is mostly peat. We have eliminated this large gap with the addition of composted bark.

    One other note is that we are now using a beneficial bacteria in our soil mix. You cannot believe the great root system it promotes. Great roots equals great plants!

    When you are sitting around the deck this weekend or just around the dinner table bring up the subject of great plants and let your friends know you have found this great place called America?s Best Flowers Garden Center.

    One last note. Fall Mums, Cabbage, and Kale are ready. Fall Iris and crocus are here with other fall bulbs arriving weekly.

    Come visit today and see our great selection!

    Carol and Ed Knapton, owners of Americas's Best Flowers You’ll Love Your Garden … It’s Our Promise! May the Holy Spirit Guide You! God Bless
    Edward Knapton says Keep on Smiling!
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