Newsletter 17

    Ed is once again traveling around, looking for new and exciting flowers. Jeff, our retail manager, is once again filling in.

    Autumn officially begins in a few days, and you know what that means? BULBS! Planting bulbs this autumn will give you wonderful spring color without a lot of effort. And for bulbs I always think of daffodils as one of the easiest of all flowers to grow for excellent and easy color.

    Now before you jump over to the comic section, let me explain why you might want to make some room for some of these bulbs.

    First, daffodils will last and last once you plant them. In fact, you will get many more bulbs for each one you plant. (That?s great for those of us who tend to be a bit more frugal on spending) They fill in areas and multiply year after year. That?s why using them to naturalize areas is so popular. And they keep getting better looking!

    Secondly, daffodils are not very appetizing to most animals. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, moles, and mice avoid eating the bulbs and the leaves of daffodils. It seems these spring wonders contain poisonous crystals which keep them off the menu. However, squirrels may dig up the bulbs? but they won?t eat them!

    Thirdly, daffodils come in a HUGE array of varieties. There are 25 species of daffodils and over 13,000 registered varieties of hybrids! There are early blooming varieties, miniaiture varieties, peach colored, fragrant types, even double petal varieties. So chances are you?ll be able to find one that suits your tastes.

    Another great reason to try daffodils is they are easy to force into bloom indoors. Paperwhites, which are a variety of daffodil, are the most common to force indoors, but almost all daffodils can be forced indoors relatively easily. All you need is a container, a little gravel or soil, some water and within a few weeks, you?ll have springtime indoors. Some bulbs will need to spend a few weeks in the freezer to simulate winter to get them to bloom indoors better, but to me, that?s the hardest part of forcing bulbs?waiting.

    There are more wonderful things about this particular bulb but I just don?t have enough room here to cover all of them. If you?d like more information or have questions, please stop in to the garden center and we?d be happy to help you.

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