Newsletter 15

    Ed and Carol are traveling across the country looking for new and exciting flowers. Our retail manager, Jeff, will be filling in while they are away.

    The invasion is on! The enemy army landed on the east coast nearly one hundred years ago and has steadily worked their way west. They have encountered few natural enemies to slow their conquests. Their mission: food. Their target: your plants. Of course, I am talking about the infamous Japanese beetle.

    In case you are not familiar with this invader, they are a winged beetle about a half-inch long with shiny metallic, fluorescent bodies. They are most active during the warm sunny days of summer. Japanese beetles feed on the leaves of hundreds of different flowers, trees, shrubs, roses, and lawns. The leaves will appear yellowish, with holes evident between the veins of the leaf. They also attack the flower buds which can result in stunted or no blooms. They can, in severe infestations, completely strip the leaves off of trees and shrubs. They lay their eggs in the lawn where the grubs enjoy dining on the roots of the grass.

    Now the question comes, ?What do you do about them?? Unfortunately, there aren?t a lot of options available. The chemical SEVIN is effective on the adults, but timing is crucial. And once treated, more beetles will fly in to dine on the plant.

    Another option is called MILKY SPORE which is a bacterium that kills the larval stage of the pest. The powder is sprinkled on the lawn where the bacterium infects the larvae. While effective, Milky Spore treats limited areas and does nothing to prevent adult beetles from flying in to eat. Traps are available, but aren?t that effective.

    Probably the best option is to use plants that are naturally resistant, that are unappetizing to them. Annual flowers such as Dianthus, Moss Rose, Petunia, , and Pansies are resistant. Chrysanthemums Columbine, Foxglove, Phlox, and Candytuft are some of the perennials that are resistant.

    Remember, next weekend is our annual Customer Appreciation Weekend. Stop in for sweet corn, popcorn and other fun activities.

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