Newsletter 14

    Ed and Carol are continuing their travels across the country looking for the newest and best flowers for next year.

    Hard to believe its August already. Before you know it the kids will be headed back to school, colored leaves will be falling, birds flying south, and snow flying… I?m getting a bit ahead of myself. I mean summer?s not over yet! There is still lots of time to add some excitement to your homestead. It?s also a great way to get the kids out of the house and discovering the fun of planting.

    Now I can hear you sayin? ? I thought now isn?t a good time to plant anything!? And while that?s true of some plants, there are advantages to adding some perennial flowers or shrubs now. It takes a couple of things to be aware of: water and mulch.

    The first thing is watering; August tends to be a bit on the dry side so attention needs to be given to that. However, the good thing is you can control how much water your new plants get. By restricting the water and stressing the plant, the roots will grow out into the soil seeking moisture. That results in a better root system for the first crucial winter. Of course you may need to give them an occasional watering, you want to stress the plants not kill them. By the time the fall rains come, your plants will be all set to soak it in and prepare for winter.

    Another consideration for planting now is mulching. Using mulch to insulate the soil against from high temperatures results in more even growth (nicer plant), retains moisture (less watering), and fewer weeds (less work, hey I?m all for that!). By using natural mulch, such as shredded bark, cocoa bean hulls, or pine needles, the plants get nutrients as the mulch breaks down. Stone mulch doesn?t provide many nutrients but it lasts a lot longer. Plus mulching is a fun project for the kids to help out with and it makes the plants look great!.

    Speaking of the little ones, make sure you plan on stopping out the weekend of August 16 & 17 for our Customer Appreciation weekend. We?ll have lots of great stuff like boiled corn on the cob, popcorn, and other goodies. Hope to see you then.

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