Newsletter 13

    I would love to talk about one of my favorite subjects ? Organic Pest Control. A couple things to remember just because it is Organic does not mean it is less toxic to humans. Even water if taken in a large enough quantity will kill you. It just means the pesticides are from natural occurring things.

    Sluggo which is iron phosphate is poison for slugs. It works well and is not toxic to small animals and children. Metallic copper works well for fungus control across a broad range of fungus. Jojoba oil is good against powdery mildew. Neem Oil is a natural occurring insect control and also has some fungus control. Prethrums, extract of Chrysanthemum, for insect control but toxic to fish.

    Diatomaceous Earth works well against crawling insects. The sharp grains cut the bodies of the insects.

    Milky spore is a bacterium that controls Japanese Beetle by controlling the grubs in the lawn,

    Bacillus thuringensis is a bacterium that kills several strains of caterpillars, such as cabbage worms, which feed on broccoli, cabbage, and other Cole crops.

    Rotenone and Salmonella are also toxic organically approved chemicals but are relatively toxic to humans so be careful.

    Horticultural oil and insecticidal soaps also work well.

    In general what I have found is healthy plants are able to tolerate a few insects. Insects, bacteria, and fungus are everywhere. The plants you are growing have evolved so they can coexist with them. Sometimes other means are needed for control just like sometimes we need to use a few medicines.

    We carry most of the above chemicals in our plant doctor area.

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