Newsletter 11

    Confusion and more Confusion

    It seems the companies that sell annual flowers are trying to drive us all crazy. We have Wave Petunias, Fiesta Double Impatiens, Celebration New Guinea Impatiens. We had Blitz impatiens and Inca marigolds. Large growers that supply the chains stores wanted the growing to be easier. They dropped Blitz and replaced it with the less vigorous variety of Blitz 2000. They even had the gall to replace Inca with Inca but the plant is now 6 to 12 inches shorter. They created Easy Wave Petunias, Fiesta Ole? Double impatiens, Celebrette New Guinea impatiens. These plants even though they have close to the same name are smalller and less vigorous. We only grow the more vigorous varieties. Wave Petunias, Fiesta Double Impatiens, and Celebration New Guinea Impatiens. We probably will drop Inca for another large flowered type that gets 24 inches tall. Blitz 2000 is still the most vigorous variety but still not as vigorous as the old Blitz so we will continue to grow it.

    We are beginning to place orders for next year so if you want something special now is the time to e-mail us.

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