Newsletter 10

    The Joys of planting in the summer. It is so much fun to watch the plants grow so fast. In the spring plants at times just seem to sit. Cold soils and cold temperatures. Just for your information when the average daily temperature goes from 60 to 70, the rate of growth on a plant doubles. Couple this with the longer days the plants seem to grow before your eyes.

    In general one has to watch the watering for about two weeks after plants are planted from that time on usually once a week is enough for watering if it does not rain.

    Trees, shrubs, and perennials do fine planted in the summer if they are grown in containers. Bagged and Burlap trees, shrubs and bareroot perennials need significant more care if planted in the heat of summer though it can be done.

    When planting perennials, trees, and shrubs mix a compost with the back filled soil at the rate of about 10%. This helps get the plants off to a great start and aids in the initial root growth needed to pick up moisture. Plants will just sit for a while after planting because they need to grow. The roots need to support the new top growth that will come. In general great roots equal great plants. I have found through the many years of planting that everything you can do to enhance root growth enhances the plant growth and flowering. Money spent on soil amendments that enhance the soil structure is probably the best money spent. Soil structure and water are more important than fertilizer. Plants have a remarkable ability to find what they need for nutrients if they have enough water and the soil structure allows them to develop great roots.

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