Newsletter 6

    Container Planting is the topic for today. A few simple ideas will go a long way as you decide what to plant. You have to think of your containers as living floral arrangements. You need something tall, something mounding, and if the container is tall enough something trailing. You are all welcome to come to our home/business where I have 50 or so 24 inch containers planted, just trying out new ideas.

    For the sun try something new like Indian Summer or Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia for your tall plant. Mexican sunflower or Tithonia is also nice. I am in love with a sun loving trailing plant called Silver Falls. The name describes it perfectly. Mounding plants such as marigolds or petunias are great since they need so little care. Just for your information given enough time even impatiens can take a lot of sun they just need a lot of water so I do not recommend them for the sun but ideally an Eastern exposure.

    I also wanted to make my readers aware of some differences in similar names of new plants on the market. Fiesta Ole double impatiens are not the same as Fiesta double Impatiens. When fully grown they are a lot smaller. Easy Wave petunias are not the same as Wave petunias. Waves are much flater growing and more trailing/spreading in nature. Easy Waves are more mounding like regular petunias. Super Sonic New Guinea impatiens are not the same as Sonic New Guinea impatiens. Super Sonics have a larger flower and grow 6 or more inches taller in a year. I would almost always recommend the larger more vigorous varieties for the garden and containers since we all forget to water every now and then.

    Come visit today!!

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