Newsletter 25

    As our trip continues!

    We came back to Wisconsin Sept 4


    and left again for the East Coast on Sept 9


    . We traveled down to Ball Seed Company in Chicago and their test gardens. We always try to visit these gardens late in the season to see what is still doing well. We wrote down a few more varieties for next year.

    We continued on to Lansing Michigan and visited the perennial and annual test gardens for Michigan State. We saw a lovely flowering Peacock it was 60 feet long and 16 feet high. Perhaps we will have this next year at the garden center.

    We continued on to the Stokes flower trials in Canada and Niagara Park Botanical Gardens in Canada. We wrote a few more things down.

    We then crossed back into the USA and went down to State College, PA the home of the Penn State flower trials. We were disappointed here, as it seems they had kind of let things go this summer. It has many of the Blooms of Bressingham perennial varieties on trial.

    We continued on to Stew Leonard?s grocery store in Conn. It is truly a fun place to shop. We hope to use some of his ideas next year.

    We then went to Road Island to visit a garden center and on to Augusta Maine to visit Longfellow?s garden center. Scott Longfellow is a friend for a long time that grows also. His garden center is very beautiful and perhaps one of the best in the country. We went back to Con. for a few days of intense garden center management training and then came back home Sept 15.

    I attended the Specialty Cut flower grower?s conference Sept 18- 21. Wow what a great group of people. We may try to offer you cut flowers next year to take home and I was looking for ideas on how to grow and what to grow.

    I see a lot of bouquets sold at the farmers market perhaps you would like us to carry some.

    The best part of this week is that on one night my wife and I attended a meeting put on by Allen Armitage a renowned speaker on perennials. Wow Wow Wow! We will do our best to find the top twenty or so that he recommended.

    You can see from the past three articles, Carol and I are very dedicated to bringing you the very best annuals and perennials along with the newest.

    I haven?t even talked about our trips to the Carolina?s, Ohio, and over to Milwaukee, and Chicago along with our perennial tour in June and July. You really do get America?s Best Flowers when you shop with us. I know of no other company that does as much research as we do in trying to find the best. Please pass this on to your friends

    We have colored pumpkins, gourds, a straw maze you will not believe, Indian corn and all your other fall needs. Remember that this coming weekend October 19 and 20 begins our harvest festival.

    God Bless

    Carol and Ed Knapton, owners of Americas's Best Flowers You’ll Love Your Garden … It’s Our Promise! May the Holy Spirit Guide You! God Bless
    Edward Knapton says Keep on Smiling!
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