Newsletter 24

    What a beautiful country we live in!!

    My wife Carol and I have been traveling. We left August 13 and have finally finished our traveling this week.

    We visited Bluebird Nursery in Nebraska. They produce a lot of small unique and wonderful perennials. We buy these and plant them up so you can buy them in the spring.

    We Stopped at Heartland Garden Center in Kansas City. Two acres of new Glass Covered Greenhouses. You have more selection and better prices here at America?s Best Flowers.

    We continued on to Denver and visited the two-acre outdoor Welby flower trials. We saw what a lot of plants do in hot dry weather. We wrote down a few of these and will have them in 2003. We continued on to Fort Collins and the Colorado State College Trials. Wow! Every variety under the sun and many trials in pots. We wrote down the best varieties and will try to have them in 2003.

    We continued on to Seattle and began visiting garden centers in the Seattle area looking for new and unique annuals and perennials.

    We went to the Farwest Nursery Show in Portland. We toured nurseries, garden centers, and greenhouse operations for three days in the Portland area.

    If you get a chance visit the Rose Gardens of Portland. Thousand?s of varieties of roses.

    We visited Blooming Nursery and found a few new perennials. We went back to Seattle and visited more garden centers.

    By the Way Mt St. Helen?s and Mt Rainier are wonderful and worth the time to take a day to walk in. More next week. Don?t forget we do have all your fall decorating needs!

    Carol and Ed Knapton, owners of Americas's Best Flowers You’ll Love Your Garden … It’s Our Promise! May the Holy Spirit Guide You! God Bless
    Edward Knapton says Keep on Smiling!
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