Newsletter 13

    Why are my plants dying?

    Did you forget to water them? No I am just kidding but a lot of plant problems are related to watering.

    In the Madison area we have very hard water. In potted and container plants the PH of the soil continues to rise because of this hard water. The Calcium and Magnesium are the culprits.

    Do not use soft water, as plants do not like sodium. The kitchen sink cold-water tap is sometimes non-softened water.

    So what can you do? Use an acid forming fertilizer. It should say for acid loving plants on the fertilizer container you buy. This helps counteract the hard water.

    If you can use rainwater or water from a humidifier this is great as it solves the hard water problem. Bottled NON-carbonated drinking water is great but expensive if you have a lot of plants.

    Usually water in the house water once a week. I try to tell customers to lift the plants before and after watering. You will be able to understand by the lightness of the pot how much to water. This solves another problem of the top being wet but the center of the pot is dry. The pot is light so you do need to water. Watering needs do not change much over time in a house.

    Remember e-mail me with your questions.

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